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The Backbone of Our Unmatched Network Visibility

Network Critical

November is the month to reflect and show appreciation for the good things in our lives. In the United States, the holiday has its roots in a historical legend where the Indigenous Peoples provided food to starving colonialists. Thanksgiving, however, is not solely a United States custom. Many other countries celebrate and give thanks around this time. Germany celebrates Erntedankfest, a harvest festival. Liberia celebrates Thanksgiving in November marking the founding of the country by freed slaves in 1892. Japan, Brazil, The Netherlands, and Canada are all giving thanks this month. So is Network Critical.

Just as computer networks rely on many different yet connected pieces of equipment working together, successful companies often depend on close coordination with a diverse collection of supporters. These supporters include resellers, distributors, prospective customers, loyal customers, and, in our industry, technology partners. Each partner provides a service and, in return expects a certain level of support.

To understand the value of our partnerships, however, it is important that we briefly explain what we do. Network Critical is a global leader and innovator in the visibility market. We help network managers see and understand the traffic that flows through their links. Having clear visibility of network traffic is critical to managing network performance, planning for future growth, and protecting from malicious attacks. We do this by providing TAPs and Packet Brokers that safely connect the tools used for management and security.

Here are some of the Network Critical partners with whom we enjoy a relationship of mutual support.

Prospective Customers

These companies may not yet realize it, but they are an important part of our business. Prospective customers support us by taking the time to meet with our sales and engineering staff to understand the value that Network Critical can provide. Their engineers invest time to learn about our offerings and how these offerings may improve the performance and security of their computer networks. As prospective customers eventually turn into actual customers, they help our business grow.

Loyal Customers

We greatly appreciate our loyal customers. Many of our customers have been with us for many years and numerous product and feature innovations. These customers not only purchase our products but often provide us with valuable real-time information about the challenges they face managing and protecting their networks. This real-life information leads to innovations that benefit our business and help our customers manage theirs.

Customer support is ingrained in our culture. Stating our appreciation means nothing if we do not back it up with first-class support. Network Critical offers complete end-to-end support for our customers regardless of how they purchased their products. It does not matter if the product was purchased through a Value Added Reseller, a distributor, or direct. The customer will receive the same high-level support from our industry experts.

Value Added Resellers (VARs)

VARs play an important part in the network supply chain. VARs often specialize in certain network areas such as security, performance, or efficiency. As such they carry a variety of products that make up the ecosystem of their customized solutions. VARs work with our product experts to learn how to build customer solutions utilizing products from a variety of vendors. These solutions save the end user customer from having to develop expertise in many divergent network products. They come to the VAR with a problem and know that a complete solution will be presented using best-in-class products. VARs are often regional in geography and develop close lasting relationships with their customers.

When our products are included in these packages, there is a high level of trust in the solution as well as the support. Network Critical also works with our VARs to support their engineers as well as the end user directly when needed.

Technology Partners

This is a very interesting and mutually beneficial partnership. There are many innovative companies making security, performance, and monitoring products. These tools are a network manager’s first and, sometimes, last line of defense against attackers. The tools these companies produce connect to network links to do their job. By providing the critical connection between the network links and these protective tools, Network Critical completes the security chain.

It is important that our technology partners feel secure that when connecting their products to our products, their customers are receiving best-in-class connectivity, reliability, and support. Our technology partners make a significant investment to rigorously test our products in their labs before recommending them to their customers. We, in turn, test their tools for compatibility and invest in training their engineers. This is a true symbiotic relationship that benefits each of our companies and our joint end-user companies. By working closely with our technology partners, our customers know that, before they buy, the combined product solution has been tested and will be well supported.

Managing this type of partnership in a time of rapid technological advancement is no small feat. Both sides must be committed to each other and the idea of mutual support for the end user. We appreciate the high level of continuous work that our technology partners offer to keep these partnerships active.

FREE Network Visibility Audit and Analysis

In addition to mentioning all our partners and customers in this blog, we would like to demonstrate our appreciation by sharing our expertise with our friends. Effective November 1st, 2023 Network Critical is offering a FREE network visibility analysis and audit. To sign up for this benefit, complete the contact form at

Free Visibility Audit

November is a good time to step back from the day-to-day stress and take a breath. Look around and remember that no person is an island. In our work and personal lives, others are surrounding us with encouragement and support. Let them know that you appreciate their presence.





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