Network Visibility

See your Data. All of it.

Inline Network Security

A combination of increasing volumes of traffic and more complex tool deployments present security teams with serious threats of outages and network downtime.

Maintain total availability and performance with Network Critical visibility solutions that protect your business from network disruption with intelligent failsafe access technology.

Out-Of-Band Network Monitoring

It is vital that your out-of-band monitoring tools not only receive all of the relevant traffic they need to perform, but to do so quickly and accurately. With a simple single pane of management, Network Critical's SmartNA™ visibility system is the ultimate solution for powerful, flexible and scalable monitoring.

Total Access to your network gives you total access to your business.

Accurate network traffic analysis has significant effect on performance, availability and cost. This performance affects more than just your IT operations and email safety. Today, businesses rely on their networks for customer contact, purchasing, revenue generation and more. If you can't understand your applications' performance, your business and customers will suffer.

Your Business...
Your Growth...
Your Time...
Your Data...
Your Performance...

Starts with a secure network. Enhance your infrastructure now.

cannot be wasted on damage control. Prevent attacks and data loss with a totally fail-safe visibility overlay.

is your key to growth. Optimize your network tools with total access.

cannot fail. If your network drops, will your tools continue to receive every packet they need?

is our growth. Stop reacting to damage caused by blind-spots. Open the window to your network™ and take control.


Monitoring tools need complete data to give accurate results. Give your tools the pure data that they deserve, and they will deliver the performance you invested in. Access next generation visibility for next generation networks.


Customer Use Cases

Network Critical’s solutions are used in global networks across a wide range of sectors including Telco, Government and Energy

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Cisco is a global leader in telecommunications, security, network infrastructure and IT applications. As an official Cisco Solution Partner, Network Critical helps provide visibility and access for Cisco security and performance monitoring solutions.

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4D Visibility: The four pillars of Network Visibility
and how to develop a robust strategy

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Together, we can find the perfect solution for your network