Fully Modular, Next-Generation Hybrid Packet Brokers for any Corporate Network or Data Center

Visibility Into Every Packet

As networks constantly grow in complexity, size and speed, organizations must efficiently and economically connect and provide relevant visibility to all of their security and monitoring appliances at ever increasing speeds and varying physical media, without impacting network visibility and reliability. Deliver uncompromising insight into the traffic traveling across your network, centralizing and improving network efficiency and ROI across your security and monitoring infrastructures.

Network Critical Packet Broker Systems enable you to:​

Filter, Aggregate and Load-Balance traffic collected by Intelligent TAPs across your Network in real-time.

Utilize Single-Pane Management with the Unique Drag-N-Vu™ Interface for simple, intelligent port-mapping.

Deploy with ultimate scalability, using a fully-modular design to expand as your infrastructure evolves.


Feed your security and monitoring tools all relevant data on your network in real-time, allowing them to operate quickly and accurately. Ensure full ROI potential is reached with 4D Network Visibility.

What Is A Network Packet Broker?

The 'Broker' in Network Packet Broker refers to  its ability to combine, integrate, separate, manipulate and process inputs from many sources, delivering the data to a wide variety of appliance and tool destinations. Delivering the right data to the right tool will optimize security and performance.


Zero packet loss with total traffic capture.

Load-Balance traffic to multiple monitoring and analysis tools.

Aggregate traffic from multiple Network TAPs or SPAN ports.

Application layer visibility allows for efficient packet processing on individual L7 protocols.

Filter traffic, ensuring that security and monitoring tools see all the data they need.

Drag-n-Vu rule optimisation engine calculates all filter rule interaction automatically.


SmartNA PortPlus™

100G Network Packet Broker

Realize Total Scalability within One Single Solution




Network Security

The strength of your business depends on the strength of your network. Ensure your tools are receiving accurate, real-time data always.


Network TAPs

The foundation of any visibility fabric: Network TAPs can exist inline or passive, accessing 100% of your critical data and feeding it to the appropriate tool.


Network Monitoring

Network monitoring tools must have real-time insight into all relevant data to keep pace with the speed of digital business. Deliver the visibility needed for total, uncompromised access.

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