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Network Critical Quality
Network security

We Have Your Back

Those who operate in the security sector face complex and high-risk challenges that often require an immediate solution. With the ability to develop sophisticated solutions, that provide our customers with the high quality technology they need, we have been able to play a vital role in our customers' success.



Like you, we are constantly striving to improve our technology to best suit your needs. 

The Challenge


  • Uncompetitive latency and bandwidth damages quality.

  • The user experience, operational efficiency and security suffers


  • Lack of clarity in what security risks will be faced with 5G.

  • Little evidence in how developing and future technologies will affect security of networks.



  • Increased expenditure in network infrastructure

  • Managing both network and security teams increases in difficulty

  • Less effective network visibility

Security Solutions

The Solution

Increased Network Complexity:



Failure to Optimize:


Growing Security Concerns:

With the ever expanding complexities seen within the security industry, security companies are looking to heavily invest in their networks to protect their networks from being compromised. The hybrid SmartNA and SmartNA-PortPlus product ranges offer powerful network solutions from 1 to 400G. This enables our customers for complete flexibility within their network.



Not being able to optimize the network’s performance can result in major short- and long-term issues. The SmartNA-PortPlus, for example, is adaptive and evolves with the network, meaning it is able to consistently optimize the network as it grows. Network Critical solutions optimize your network’s performance and security, allowing users to meet external SLAs and receive the most out of their network.

It is vital that users have accurate and precise deployment of security solutions in order to reduce any security concerns. Network Critical offer 100% network visibility solutions that reduces concerns that may arise with missing information. Use the product comparison chart (below) to compare the different available solutions, from 1G ethernet TAPs to 400G packet brokers.

Network Packet broker deployment
darktrace logo

Darktrace needed to achieve machine-to-machine learning for a dynamic machine-driven network visibility and security architecture. They used the SmartNA-PortPlus™ API integration to allow the computer to autonomously control traffic flows from network links. This allows Darktrace to write software that automatically controls the filtering and port mapping functions in the SmartNA-PortPlus.

  • Figures if there is serious threat

  • Self learning technology

  • Evolves with the network

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