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Understanding the true complexities and issues faced by 5G services is unique, and our ability to develop innovative and intelligent systems that serve your every need is crucial to take advantage of in this up-and-coming and complex field of technology. 



Like you, we are constantly striving to improve our technology to best suit your network. 

The Challenge






The Solution

Raising Traffic Volumes:

Growing Security Concerns:

Increased Network Complexity:

Many service providers want to increase their data monitoring without buying new tools. Network Critical provides an intelligent aggregation solution that allows for users to keep their existing tools. This method is highly cost effective and equally, if not more, high in quality.

With access to large amounts of data 100G/400G networks and present that traffic to your existing monitoring platforms. Manipulation of traffic : slice, dice, filter

It is vital that users have accurate and precise deployment of security solutions in order to reduce any security concerns. Network Critical offer 100% network visibility solutions that reduces concerns that may arise with missing information. Use the product comparison chart (below) to compare the different available solutions.

With increased network complexities come needs for complex technologies. The hybrid SmartNA and SmartNA-PortPlus product ranges are able to be tailored to your unique complex challenge. These hybrid TAPs and Packet Brokers are powered at rates of 1/10/25/40/50/100/200/400 Gbps, which make for flexible and powerful solutions.

Due to the enormous amount of traffic that 5G generates, Network Critical's SmartNA-PortPlus HyperCore is your solution. Offering up to 400G interfaces and up to a throughput of 25.6 Tbps of traffic (filtering, aggregation and scaling). 



Telcos growing demands for high speed network links in order to accommodate the growth in data requirements for 5G makes for a challenging task that may bring new issues for NetOps teams to manage the masses of data with their existing toolsets.

Using our Passive Fiber MPO or LC TAPs, which provide secure and simple access to the live traffic in your high speed production networks, without introducing latency or a point of failure, alongside the SmartNA-PortPlus, or SmartNA-PortPlus HyperCore packet brokers, you can tap links from 10G to 400G and aggregate and disaggregate that data to the existing 10G tools. This allows NetOps teams to gain access and manipulate the vast amounts of data with their existing tools.


The Passive TAP and hybrid Packet Broker combination is the ideal solution for all network teams who are trying to manage the increased traffic using their currently installed, high-value, monitoring solutions. Our solutions can tap and gain access to high speed network links, where we can take the data from your chosen packet broker device and aggregate, filter and disaggregate the data to more manageable media for your existing network tools.