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1 Gb packet broker network tap

10/100/1000Mb Traffic Aggregator™

Modular Traffic Aggregator solution for speeds up to 1G

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SmartNA™ Portable TA

10/100/1000MB Standalone Network TA

The SmartNA™ Portable Traffic Aggregator (TA) is a powerful and reliable 1G network traffic aggregator. The hardware device offers 1 slot module to safely connect tools that allow businesses to meet their rapidly network monitoring demands. Supporting the full range of hot-swappable modules, including fail-safe Copper and Passive Fiber Optic options.


Network Critical’s SmartNA™ Portable Network TA is optimal for network troubleshooting as its unique design facilitates it to be configured as a breakout mode as well as aggregation mode. It is easy to install, move and remove which makes them suitable for situations where a permanent TA installation is not feasible, such as in a mobile or temporary network setup.


This reliable SmartNA™ technology is cost-effective and its four-gigabit interfaces can support up to three separate tools for SPAN or up to two different tools for capturing identical full-duplex data streaming over a single ethernet segment.

Key Features


  • Powerful 10/100/1000Mb modular TA

  • Breakout, aggregation and TAP modes 

  • Passive fiber optic Gigabit modules for tapping

  • Secure Command-Line management for fast, error-free user configuration

  • Hot-swappable modules for easy re-configuration and expansion to meet evolving network demands


  • Rack mountable

  • Dual PSU

  • Compatible with all major manufacturers’ monitoring tools, including protocol analyzers, probes, and IDS

  • Maximise visibility and increase efficiency for connected monitoring and security tools

  • Zero point of failure and no latency

  • Ease of use traffic mapping

  • Flexible provision new tools quickly and easily

packet broker

SmartNA™ TAPs connect the monitoring equipment that sends the video traffic to Major League Baseball's replay booth

MLB network taps

Complete Network Visibility up to 1G

The SmartNA™ Hybrid Network Packet Broker solution combines feature-rich packet broker technology with robust, fail-safe, modular TAP technology to deliver uncompromised access and visibility across the corporate network - large or small.

SmartNA™ Network TA

10/100/1000 Hybrid Visibility Solution

The SmartNA™ Portable chassis can be rack mounted into a 1U rack frame. The rack frame has three slots which enables up to twelve interfaces in a single rack unit. The TA can safely be connected to tools while protecting network reliability and availability. The full range of hot-swappable TAP modules offer user-definable port options including fail-safe Copper, Bypass, Single-Mode Fiber (SMF), Multi-Mode Fiber (MMF) and SFP which allow businesses to meet their rapidly evolving network monitoring demands.


SmartNA™ is securely and easily managed by command line, making deployment and change management simple and accurate. Modules can function in either breakout or aggregation mode, providing your tools with all the traffic you require.

SmartNA™ Chassis

SmartNA™ Modular Chassis System,  Dual AC Power Supplies

SmartNA™ TA Modules

Network Critical SmartNA Copper RJ-45 Mo

4 Copper RJ-45 Ports

Network Critical SmartNA Fiber TAP SPAN

2 Multi-Mode Fiber Input Ports & 2 SFP Cages (Used in HA and SPAN Applications)


2 Single-Mode Fiber LC ports w/ Optical Couplers (50/50) & 2 SFP Cages

Network Critical SmartNA Fiber TAP modul

2 Copper RJ-45 & 2 SFP Cages

Network Critical SmartNA Fiber and Coppe

2 Multi-Mode Fiber LC ports w/ Optical Couplers (50/50) & 2 RJ-45 Ports

network tap modules_edited.png

2 Single-Mode Fiber Input Ports & 2 SFP Cages (Used in HA and SPAN Applications)

network tap modules_edited.png

2 Multi-Mode Fiber LC ports w/ Optical Couplers (50/50) & 2 SFP Cages

Network Critical SmartNA Fiber / SFP TAP

2 Multi-Mode Fiber Input Ports & 2 RJ-45 Ports (Used in HA and SPAN Applications)

Network Critical SmartNA Fiber / Copper

2 Single-Mode Fiber LC ports w/ Optical Couplers (50/50) & 2 RJ-45 Ports

Network Critical SmartNA Fiber and Coppe

2 Single-Mode Fiber Input Ports & 2 RJ-45 Ports (Used in HA and SPAN Applications)

Network Critical Drag-n-Vu GUI

A single-pane-of-glass network management system at your fingertips


Network Critical TAPs
BP Network Tools

“In addition to monitoring control systems, we have security tools that understand our traffic patterns and look for anomalies that might signal malware or viruses attempting to embed in our systems. Unauthorized manipulation of our monitoring systems can have serious safety and production consequences. Network Critical TAP’s help us manage security without impacting network traffic.”


Director, IT Services

Network Critical packet brokers
Vodafone network tools

“Continuous monitoring is absolutely critical to maintaining a high quality network and staying in compliance with European data regulations. Network Critical SmartNA-XL allows us to see and manage traffic without impacting live traffic.”


OSS Tools Manager

Network Critical fiber taps
The Stars Group network tools

“We were struggling with bad data sent to our tools disrupting our planning models and causing concerns with our security tools. The Network Critical solution solved both our monitoring and protection concerns without impacting production traffic.”


Sr. Manager, Network Planning

Network Critical bypass taps
Government Agency Network Tools

“We base our deployment on NIST best practices. Using specialized tools to secure our infrastructure and maintain information privacy, our network remains in line with accepted standards. The Network Critical platform allows us to connect all the right tools while maintaining the highest level of reliability.”


Data Management Systems Analyst


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Technology Partnerships

Cisco is a global leader in telecommunications, security, network infrastructure and IT applications. As an official Cisco Solution Partner, Network Critical helps provide visibility and access for Cisco security and performance monitoring solutions.

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