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Packet Processer


Network Packet Manipulation

Optimize and modify traffic to your monitoring tools

Optimization and modification

Intelligent and innovative visibility technology allows packet payloads to be transformed so that the packet size remains the same but the packet payload information is removed or masked.  Now, accurate traffic information can be sent to tools without running afoul of privacy regulations.  Offering powerful packet slicing, header stripping for advanced filtering and payload masking for complaint analysis, the SmartNA-XL PacketPro™ has been carefully designed by experts to ensure excellence for your packet processing needs.

Optimize the efficiency of monitoring tools by presenting only the traffic that the tools need for the task at hand. Our innovative PacketPro™ is a self-configuring module that can process and modify packets being passed to monitoring tools. The intelligent packet processor is also fully configurable for customization and growth with your network.

Packet Manipulation

The PacketPro™

PacketPro packet manipulation Diagram

The PacketPro™ module is designed as a feature module installed into a slot on the SmartNA-XL™ chassis. When the module is inserted into a 1Gbps slot it will process up to 4 x 1Gbps streams. It can also work in a 10Gbps slot processing 2 x 10Gbps streams. Complete packets are sent to the PacketPro™ module from the SmartNA-XL™ processor for manipulation. Modified packets are then sent back to the SmartNA-XL™ processor where they will be directed to a chassis output port connected to monitoring tools.

Packet manipulation is performed by analyzing packets and identifying user-specified headers.  These headers can be stripped or modified leaving the rest of the packet available to be sent to monitoring tools for analysis. Note that the PacketPro™ module is much more than a “packet slicer.”  In addition, it can also perform complete data packet manipulation including the masking of payload information. Payload masking is critically important to comply with data privacy regulations such as HIPPA, SOX and the upcoming GDPR in the EU.  

Packet modification

Featured Products

The PacketPro™

Network Packet Manipulation
  • Powerful packet slicing

  • Header stripping for advanced filtering

  • Payload masking for complaint analysis

  • fully configurable for customization and growth with your network

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