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Our Network TAPs and Packet Brokers have been a continually favoured range of solutions that successfully reinforce networks, globally. These solutions are unique and are tailored to each customer to provide 100% network visibility, in order to gain all information required for network monitoring and security purposes. Find a success story tailored to your preferred solution below:

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'Developing and monitoring Key Performance Indicators is all about accuracy of information. The Network Critical products are providing 100% accurate traffic visibility on the key links, which is vital for us'

- Network Performance Monitoring Engineer

Vodafone needed to connect tools to diverse links at varying speeds through often incompatible physical media. They used the hybrid SmartNA-XL™ Ethernet TAP/Packet Broker with copper TAP modules to safely connect to copper links and aggregate the copy of traffic through their system to higher speed optical monitoring tool ports.

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'Continuous monitoring is critical to digitization and automation of our many monitoring systems. Being able to monitor remote sites from a single location keeps our systems up to date without having a large staff running around in trucks.'


- Senior Project Manager, Refining Operations

BP needed to connect multiple tools for monitoring and security of IT and OT systems. They used our Passive Fiber Optical TAPs in over 10 locations for centralized monitoring of critical information and operational systems, providing high level service assurance and robust protection against attacks that can cripple production.​

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'Network Critical’s solutions compliment HSBC’s environment perfectly - combining the zero latency with modular functionality and features to maximise their network performance reporting. This resulted in HSBC being able to continue to provide to their customers with first class service while ensuring security and efficiency.'

- Senior Technical Consultant

HSBC needed to measure performance of their networks against various SLAs and wanted to do tapping and aggregation with probes. We deployed modular ethernet TAPs, SmartNA and Passive Optical Fiber TAP, to meet their requirements, with additional benefits from these solutions to achieve zero latency and zero impact on their network.

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“We were struggling with bad data sent to our tools disrupting our planning models and causing concerns with our security tools. The Network Critical solution solved both our monitoring and protection concerns without impacting production traffic.”


- Sr. Manager, Network Planning

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The Stars Group needed to improve results coming from their tools. They used the hybrid SmartNA-XL™ Network TAP and Packet Broker with our Passive Fiber Optical TAPs to achieve physical media conversion, traffic aggregation from four links to two IDS systems and monitoring tools needed to achieve 100% network visibility.​

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“We chose the Network Critical equipment because of its unique functionality and for the Drag-n-Vu Graphical Interface which simplifies initial deployment and makes ongoing management fast and easy.”


- Sr. Systems Engineer, Telecommunications Company

Major League Baseball needed to safely connect their monitoring equipment to network links for video traffic to be sent to the replay booth. Our Bypass TAPs provided a range of features, such as network availability, service assurance and reliability. With our network TAPs, MLB were able to ​keep the network traffic flowing, even if the monitoring equipment goes offline.

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'We base our deployment on NIST best practices. Using specialized tools to secure our infrastructure and maintain information privacy, our network remains in line with accepted standards. The Network Critical platform allows us to connect all the right tools while maintaining the highest level of reliability.' 


- Data Management Systems Analyst

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This US Government Agency needed to connect seven specific security and monitoring tools to network links. The security tools requiring real-time access and the monitoring tools requiring a copy of all traffic. They used two independent SmartNA-X™ modular Ethernet TAPs that successfully connected these seven tools to a single critical link.

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Darktrace uses the SmartNA-PortPlus to boost automated threat detection with API integration & filter out unnecessary traffic and map only the appropriate network traffic from live links to specific ports on security tools.

Darktrace needed to achieve machine-to-machine learning for a dynamic machine-driven network visibility and security architecture. They used the SmartNA-PortPlus™ API integration to allow the computer to autonomously control traffic flows from network links. This allows Darktrace to write software that automatically controls the filtering and port mapping functions in the SmartNA-PortPlus. 

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'We chose the Network Critical equipment because of its flexibility to connect different types of live links to a space saving 1RU system and aggregate multiple links to a single tool.'


- Head of Network Architecture.

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Bourne Leisure needed to connect their specialized tools to live network links without impacting reliability and availability. They used our Network TAP SmartNA-X to aggregate critical links, convert media, connect and manage new security tools to enhance ROI.  The mix of multi-mode fiber, single-mode fiber and copper links help them achieve their goals.

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“I'm delighted to say the use of Network Critical's TAPs across the multiple rigs, has helped us to complete all our first flight test objectives on schedule, whilst at the same time offering us the additional capability to resolve some of the inherent limitations of layer 2 switches.”


- System Test Lead Engineer

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Airbus needed to deploy solutions to receive accurate information on their aircraft testing. They used our Network TAPs  to capture and monitor important testing data that transmits through their network. Our ethernet TAPs also provided them no impact and no intrusion to their network, to ensure complete accuracy of the test results