Customer Use Cases

The Success Stories

Our Network TAPs and Packet Brokers have been a continually favored range of solutions that successfully reinforce networks, globally. These solutions are unique and are tailored to each customer to provide 100% network visibility, in order to gain all information required for network monitoring and security purposes. Find a success story tailored to your preferred solution below:


BP uses our Passive Fiber Optical TAPs to connect monitoring and security tools for monitoring switches, firmware levels inventory, security protocols and more in over 10 buildings


The SmartNA-XL™ allows Vodafone to seamlessly monitor critical links from 1Gbps to 40Gbps in the same chassis to connect tools to diverse links at varying speeds through often incompatible physical media

The SmartNA-XL™ mirrors The Stars Group's network traffic for network security and monitoring. Also providing media conversion where necessary, aggregation of traffic and 100% accuracy of data.


Major League Baseball

SmartNA™ TAPs connect the monitoring equipment that Major League Baseball uses to send video traffic to the replay booth and the Bypass TAPs keep the network traffic flowing even if the monitoring equipment goes off line


US Government Agency

SmartNA-X™ TAPs connect seven tools to a single link providing the foundation for government regulatory compliance and provides this government agency with the ability to send the right traffic to the right tools at the right time.


Darktrace uses the SmartNA-PortPlus to boost automated threat detection with API integration & filter out unnecessary traffic and map only the appropriate network traffic from live links to specific ports on security tools.


Eight live 1Gbps links are connected through the SmartNA-X™ to a single security tool capable of processing at 10Gbps. This 8:1 configuration results in a dramatic 8x CAPEX savings on security tool costs.

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Together, we can find the perfect solution for your network