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Network Critical is a United Kingdom based company with global reach providing traffic monitoring and visibility solutions for enterprise, carrier and government networks.  Our products allow organizations to safely connect monitoring, security and performance tools across physical and virtual networks. 


The complete line of Visibility Solutions offered by Network Critical is different from traditional tapping technologies. Because the products make a copy of a network’s traffic, they isolate themselves from the live network and are able to collect all traffic passing through the network without introducing latency.  This reduces network downtime while ensuring the network is fully compliant. The result is that all traffic is seen without impacting the flow of traffic along the live network.

The Original TAP Company

In 1997, Network Critical invented and brought to market the first fully modular, permanent TAP that provided reliable traffic visibility, reduced rack space and simplified power management. The product was so successful, Network Critical became known as “the TAP Company.”

As link speeds become faster and bandwidth continues to expand, traffic visibility is becoming a
critical and more complex requirement of network management.. In addition to providing access
to faster speeds, Network Critical continues to innovate by adding intelligent features that
increase efficiency of connected tools and further simplify deployment.

4D Visibility: The four pillars of Network Visibility and how to develop a robust strategy

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