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Since 1997, Network Critical has taken the computer networking industry by storm. Now with offices in the Americas, Europe and the Middle East, we continue to develop and innovate the highest quality, most flexible and easy-to-use hardware devices (Network TAPs and Packet Brokers) and software (Drag-n-Vu™) alongside our established technology partners. We design, develop and manufacture all of our products with our talented engineering and technical teams. 

Our products allow organizations, big or small, to safely connect vital network monitoring, security and performance tools and since have earned international respect from major companies for providing traffic visibility for enterprise, carrier and government networks. From protection of your network to defence during a threat, our network TAPs and packet brokers are designed to suit all network requirements.

We take pride in our 24 hour customer service. Whether you have a question, need technical support or anything else, the Network Critical customer service and support team are always readily available with quick response times and excellent understanding of our products.


Our company CORE VALUES are reflected in our approach to teamwork, performance, and customer service.

  • Customer First: our customer-centric focus drives everything we do, as we listen to and act upon customer feedback to provide the best possible experience.

  • Innovation is key to our success, and we encourage taking risks and questioning the status quo to find new solutions.

  • Integrity: is a core value that guides our decisions, and we accept responsibility for our actions and outcomes. We always tell the truth without making excuses.

  • Quality and safety: are of paramount importance to us, and we continuously strive for improvement in everything we do, measuring what matters to ensure we deliver the highest-quality products.

  • Teamwork: our commitment to teamwork is built on respect for diverse perspectives, and we collaborate globally to achieve more.

Network Critical's vision


The team at Network Critical continuously work towards our united vision of continued innovation. From our hardware engineers to our customer support team, we understand the network security, monitoring and performance environment is always changing, and we understand that we must also constantly adapt. With new network architectures and infrastructures always renewing, the need for new and next-generation visibility technologies will always be in demand. Our vision to innovate means we will always be able to provide our customers with the best and highest quality solutions. See our latest hybrid ethernet TAP and packet broker here.

As carriers prepare for the 4G to 5G transition and enterprise networks wrestle with BYOD, information security and far flung cloud architectures, Network Critical will be there with the ultimate visibility solutions. We are committed to continuing our legacy of providing innovative, reliable and cost effective visibility solutions for networks today and tomorrow.


The SmartNA range of ethernet TAPs and packet brokers offer the complete visibility solution you need. These solutions are different from traditional tapping technologies because our products intelligently make a copy of a network’s traffic, they isolate themselves from the live network and are able to collect all traffic passing through the network, without introducing latency. This successfully reduces the risk of network downtime, while ensuring the network is fully visible. The result? All traffic being visible to you without impacting the flow of traffic along the live network.

Network Critical Testimonials


“Developing and managing Key Performance Indicators is all about accuracy of information. The Network Critical products are providing 100% accurate traffic visibility on the key links, which is vital for us.”


Network Performance Monitoring Engineer, VODAFONE


Europe, Middle East and
Asia Pacific

Network Critical Solutions Limited
East Throp House,
1 Paddock Road,
Caversham, Reading
United Kingdom
Telephone - +44 (0) 118-954-3210

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Network Critical NA LLC
3755 Marconi Drive
Suite 107
GA 30005
Telephone - (470) 554-7170
Telefacsimile - (716) 568-8280

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