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We understand the delicacy and complexities of the challenges that are faced in government networks. With our ability to develop specialized solutions that give our agencies the technology they need, we have been able to play a crucial part in our customers' security.



Like you, we are constantly striving to improve our technology to best suit your needs. 

The Challenge






The Solution

Increased Network Complexity:

Failure to Optimize:

Raising Traffic Volumes:

With increased network complexities come needs for complex technologies. The hybrid SmartNA and SmartNA-PortPlus product ranges are able to be tailored to your unique complex challenge. These hybrid TAPs and Packet Brokers are powered at rates of 1/10/25/40/50/100/200/400 Gbps, which make for flexible and powerful solutions.

Network Critical's tools are extremely precise in network performance, allowing the customer to meet external SLAs and gain the most out of their network. Only top-of-the-range products such as the products you see in the Product Comparison Chart (below) will allow for excellent network performance.

Many service providers want to increase their data monitoring without buying new tools. Network Critical provides an intelligent aggregation solution that allows for users to keep their existing tools. This method is highly cost effective and equally, if not more, high in quality.

With access to large amounts of data 100G/400G networks and present that traffic to your existing monitoring platforms. Manipulation of traffic : slice, dice, filter

SmartNA-X™ TAPs connect seven tools to a single link providing the foundation for government regulatory compliance 

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