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Government network visibility

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We understand the delicacy and complexities of the challenges that are faced in government networks. With our ability to develop specialized solutions that give our agencies the technology they need, we have been able to play a crucial part in our customers' security.



Like you, we are constantly striving to improve our technology to best suit your needs. 

The Challenge



  • Increased expenditure in network infrastructure

  • Managing both network and security teams increases in difficulty

  • Less effective network visibility


  • Uncompetitive latency and bandwidth damages quality.

  • The user experience, operational efficiency and security suffers


  • Lack of clarity in what security risks will be faced with 5G.

  • Little evidence in how developing and future technologies will affect security of networks.

Governmnt Solution

The Solution

Increased Network Complexity:

Failure to Optimize:





Growing Security Concerns:

Governments are experiencing various increased network complexities as economies and national securities become ever more important. This results in heightened needs for powerful and insightful network monitoring tools, as well as network security tools to ensure their networks are not threatened. 

The hybrid SmartNA and SmartNA-PortPlus product ranges are powered at rates of 1/10/25/40/50/100/200/400 Gbps and provide 100% visibility into the network, making for flexible and reliable solutions.



​A government operating on an inefficient network will face challenges regarding national security and cost-inefficiencies. Network Critical’s network monitoring solutions, security solutions and performance solutions, allow for precision in the network and allows governments to gain the most out of their network. Only top-of-the range products will allow for optimized network successes​.

Governments face very real security threats that must be picked up immediately. It is also important for governments to put multiple protection layers into their network to mitigate risk. Along with intelligent protection features, Network Critical solutions also allow users to see everything in their network which can highlight problems and reduce the risk of missing packets and information.

Network Packet broker deployment
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'We base our deployment on NIST best practices. Using specialized tools to secure our infrastructure and maintain information privacy, our network remains in line with accepted standards. The Network Critical platform allows us to connect all the right tools while maintaining the highest level of reliability.' 


- Data Management Systems Analyst

This US Government Agency needed to connect seven specific security and monitoring tools to network links. The security tools requiring real-time access and the monitoring tools requiring a copy of all traffic. They used two independent ethernet SmartNA-XL modular TAPs that successfully connected these seven tools to a single critical link.

  • Failsafe Technology

  • 100% of traffic received

  • Protection against going offline

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