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Network Critical quality
Finance network security

We Have Your Back

The finance industry regularly face sophisticated and complex challenges that often need a solution on the same day the challenge arises. Our ability to develop innovative and intelligent solutions, that serve our customers the tools they need face these challenges, has been appreciated by our customers.



Like you, we are constantly striving to improve our technology to best suit your needs. 

The Challenge


  • Lack of visibility in what security risks will be faced in the unknown.


  • Uncompetitive latency and bandwidth damages quality.

  • The user experience, operational efficiency and security suffers


  • Trouble in ensuring the data collected and analyzed is complete.

  • Downtime becomes a greater risk and need for quality TAPs and Packet Brokers increases

Finance Solution

The Solution

Growing Security Concerns:



Failure to Optimize​:

Raising Traffic Volumes:

To reduce the valid concern of growth in serious security threats and attacks, it is critical that companies have the right security tools deployed. Investing in solutions that provide complete clarity and visibility into your network is the most effective way to reduce security risk. With 100% visibility into your network, our hybrid ethernet TAPs and Packet Brokers can solve your challenges.

Not being able to optimize your network performance and monitoring can come at great cost. Network Critical solutions provide precise network monitoring allowing your network to get the most out of their network while meeting external SLAs.

Only top-of-the-range solutions, provided by Network Critical, can allow for excellence in network performance. See the product comparison chart below for detailed information.



The financial sector requires the best data monitoring, performance and security tools available. Their need to be cost-effective is also of great importance. Many financials come to Network Critical for that reason. Our solutions provide an intelligent aggregation that enables users to build on top of their current tools, instead of replacing them.

Passive ethernet taps


With algorithm-driven machine-to-machine trading, the industry is now able to trade millions of shares in nanoseconds. This means that even the slightest weakness in your network can cost you millions. Financial trading is now more dependent than ever on performance monitoring tools. 


Considering all of the needs and demands for the finance industry, having minimal latency in your network tools is key. That's why our passive fiber TAPs, that have been designed to offer zero latency, to give you the confidence to deploy your monitoring solutions. Our Passive Optical Fiber MPO and LC TAPs also provide secure and simple access to the live traffic in your high speed production networks, without introducing latency or a point of failure.

We would also suggest to link the passive fiber and copper TAPs to the intelligent SmartNA-XL and SmartNA-PortPlus Packet Brokers, where you will be able to aggregate or manipulate traffic through the platforms to your monitoring solutions effectively. Traffic can be monitored at 100% accuracy without any direct impact on the live traffic. Both the failsafe TAP connection and the high level Packet Broker features can be combined in a single 1RU solution. 


Even if power to the SmartNA-XL is lost, the live traffic is able to continue to pass through the hybrid TAP to the network. The added benefit of aggregating lower speed link traffic to high speed tools is that fewer tools are required. In large complex networks with multiple links, putting a monitoring tool on every link can be cost prohibitive. Utilizing an aggregation ratio of 4:1 can cut tool costs by a similar margin. 

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