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Network application and performance moni

Network Application and Performance Monitoring

Deliver every packet your tools need for optimized performance.

Evolve Your Entire Infrastructure With 100% Visibility

Network monitoring tools must have real-time insight into all relevant data to keep pace with the speed and diversity of digital business. From the addition of new systems to the adoption of entirely new architectures, networks are in constant evolution. Network Critical delivers the pervasive layer needed for Inline visibility and out-of-band access to accelerate deployment and management of cloud, virtualization, software-defined architectures, edge computing, IoT and other network initiatives. Ensure IT has access to all relevant data for network optimization and issue resolution.

Network Critical's SmartNA™ series of Next-Generation Network Packet Brokers use advanced traffic aggregation, filtering and load-balancing to intelligently feed traffic to the relevant Network Performance Management (NPM) or Application Performance Management (APM) tool, ensuring tools receive the exact data they need in real-time, optimizing their efficiency and performance, and enable network administrators to identify and resolve issues quickly.

“We were struggling with bad data sent to our tools disrupting our planning models and causing concerns with our security tools. The Network Critical solution solved both our monitoring and protection concerns without impacting production traffic.”


Sr. Manager, Network Planning, THE STARS GROUP

Network monitorig

How Do Network TAPs Work?
Part 2: The TAP Strategy

Ensure the smooth running of your entire Network Management by creating a TAP Strategy that suits your needs. Say goodbye to messy data, missing packets and network down-time.

network taps and packet brokers

The Power of SmartNA™

The SmartNA™ (Smart Network Access) range is the most powerful, flexible and scalable visibility solution on the market. With a focus on robust features, simple deployment & management and total scalability, SmartNA network TAPs and packet brokers allow organizations to dramatically improve the efficiency of their network monitoring, both security and application performance, tools. Having a visibility solution that delivers complete scalability allows businesses to significantly extend the life of new and existing tool investments, ensuring optimized performance at all times.

  • Application Session Filtering: Intelligently forward traffic to the corresponding security appliance based on session criteria to optimize performance and efficiency

  • Traffic Aggregation: Aggregate multiple network interfaces to a single monitoring port, ensuring cost savings and return on investment of existing tools.

  • Load-Balancing:  Manage large traffic flows evenly across multiple monitoring tools/monitoring interfaces.

  • Packet Slicing: Truncates packet while facilitating the effective analysis of critical contents (protocol headers).

  • Payload Masking: Allows network security professionals to mask confidential information (sensitive data, passwords etc.), helping organizations to comply with security regulations.

Technology Partnerships

Cisco is a global leader in telecommunications, security, network infrastructure and IT applications. As an official Cisco Solution Partner, Network Critical helps provide visibility and access for Cisco security and performance monitoring solutions.

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Network Critical

Customer Use Cases

Network Critical’s solutions are used in global networks across a wide range of sectors including Telco, Government and Energy

Vodafone Networks
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Airbus Network
BP Energy network
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4D Visibility White Paper

4D Visibility: The four pillars of Network Visibility
and how to develop a robust strategy

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Together, we can find the perfect solution for your network

We understand your privacy is important. Network Critical does not share your personal information with any unauthorized parties. For more information on how we use your personal data, please review our Privacy Policy.

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