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Flexible and fully modular Network TAP solutions

Network TAPs and Hybrids

Many network teams need to optimize their rack space efficiency and minimize costs to ensure their network is running at high performance with cost-effective network monitoring and visibility solutions. This is why we have engineered our Network TAPs as hybrids. This means our Network TAPs also provide Packet Broker functionality at the same time within the 1RU device.

Nework TAP
1GB Packet Broker
1Gb packet broker

Hybrid Ethernet TAP & Packet Broker

  • Advanced traffic filtering and aggregation.

  • Simple management interface with Drag-n-Vu™

  • Hot-swappable modular design

40G Packet Broker

Hybrid Ethernet TAP & Packet Broker

  • Intelligent Hybrid TAP System

  • 10G Bypass cards for live traffic mapping

  • Powerful Drag-n-Vu™ web interface

  • Fully Configurable for customization and growth with your network

Packet processing module

The PacketPro 

Expansion Card For SmartNA-XL​

  • Powerful packet slicing

  • Header stripping for advanced filtering

  • Payload masking for complaint analysis

  • Fully configurable for customization and growth with your network

Passive Optical Fiber TAPs

Ultra High Density Fiber TAPs for 1G/10G/40G/100G

  • Primary access solution for all packet analysis applications

  • Integrated cable management feature

  • Efficient rack usage

Passive Fiber TAP
Passive Optical Fiber TAPs

High Density Fiber TAPs 

  • Total visibility of speeds up to 100G

  • 100% passive operation - completely transparent to the network

Passive Optical Fiber TAPs Background

High-Density Fiber TAPs 40G/100G Bidirectional

  • 100% Passive visibility with speeds up to 100G

  • No point of failure

  • Zero latency

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