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Scale-out Hybrid Packet Broker Solution up to 100G

100G Packet Broker

The SmartNA-PortPlus™ Network Packet Broker bridges the gap between today's ultra high speed networks and existing management, monitoring and security tools.


Scalable from 1 to 5RU, multiplying port count five times,
offering 194 total ports

Key Features


  • High density, high performance and scalable. Network and server ready base unit 48 x 1/10/25G ports + 6 x 40/100G ports

  • Non-blocking architecture, Line Rate System Throughput 1.8 Tbps

  • Aggregate, Filter and Load Balance core network traffic across existing and future tool portfolio

  • Custom P-Tag functionality enables complex traffic processing workflows

  • Programmable architecture
    purpose-built to support workload density, emerging protocols and new technologies

  • Scalable to 194 ports of 1/10/25/40
    and 100G. Saving rack space and all speeds protect against obsolescence


  • Performance to accommodate powerful network speeds

  • Single pane-of-management portal for the entire system


  • Pinpoint tool optimization


  • Future-proofing the visibility solutions

Packet Brokers
packet broker

Darktrace boosts automated threat detection with Network Critical SmartNA-PortPlus API integration

Modern Networks Require Scale-Out Visibility

Unlike complex competitive architectures, PortPlus introduces simple scale-out system expansion, configuration and control so your visibility layer can cost-effectively evolve right along with the network. Add ports, change speeds or capabilities, and manage everything as though it were just a single system. Network Critical’s innovative SmartNA-PortPlus™ Network Packet Broker bridges the gap between todays ultra-high-speed networks and existing management, monitoring and security tools. Future-proof your infrastructures with our most robust and scalable visibility solution on the market.


1G/10G/25G/40G/100G Hybrid Network Packet Broker

The SmartNA-PortPlus™ provides a scalable range from 48 ports up to 192 ports of 1/10/25/40 and 100Gbps visibility enabling users to interconnect different network protection and monitoring tools quickly and easily. Packaged in a compact single RU chassis the SmartNA-PortPlus™ offers immediate value for today and an efficient path to the inevitable adds and changes for tomorrow. Beyond server ready high speed connectivity for security and monitoring tools, the SmartNA-PortPlus™ is also a feature rich traffic manager.


Advanced features such as aggregation, filtering, graphical port mapping and load balancing of core network traffic allow users to leverage their tool investment. SmartNA-PortPlus™ is powered by Network Critical’s unique Drag-n-Vu™ software, delivering an intelligent and intuitive graphical user interface that enables fast, error-free configuration and management. PortPlus is the fastest processing, highest density, most flexible combination of port speeds and simplest management, making Network Critical’s SmartNA-PortPlus™ the best choice for complete network visibility.

A single-pane-of-glass network management system at your fingertips

Technology Partnerships

Cisco is a global leader in telecommunications, security, network infrastructure and IT applications. As an official Cisco Solution Partner, Network Critical helps provide visibility and access for Cisco security and performance monitoring solutions.

Cisco network security


“Continuous monitoring is critical to digitization and automation of our many monitoring systems. Being able to monitor remote sites from a single location keeps our systems up to date without having a large staff running around in trucks.”


Senior Project Manager, Refining Operations


“In addition to monitoring control systems, we have security tools that understand our traffic patterns and look for anomalies that might signal malware or viruses attempting to embed in our systems. Unauthorized manipulation of our monitoring systems can have serious safety and production consequences. Network Critical TAP’s help us manage security without impacting network traffic.”


Director, IT Services

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