Invisible    •    Unhackable    •    Always protected

INVIKTUS Diagram.png

Network Critical’s INVIKTUS cybersecurity system is the strongest low level security for your critical network, enabling complete reliability and security from layer 1. The powerful solution suits any network and any device up to 400Gb. 


INVIKTUS is managed by Network Critical’s web GUI interface which means deployment and change management are simple and accurate. Advanced features such as aggregation, filtering and port mapping are available through the GUI.

Key Features


  • Powerful modular device up to 400Gb; with custom access solutions for any network

  • Completely unhackable 

  • Full line rate performance

  • Invisible to the network

  • Lock and leave functionality

  • Scalable from 2 to 27 devices

  • Strengthens security in any network 

  • Zero latency

  • No IP or MAC address

  • Runs in the background with minimal maintenance

the new way.

Never seen before. Never been so easy. Developed by Network Critical, INVIKTUS is the future of network security, no matter the size of your network.


Invisible    •    Unhackable    •    Always protected

Suitable for any network and any network device that operates on speeds up to 400Gb, the INVIKTUS chassis offers networks low level, low maintenance and highly reliable security. Designed for flexibility, each protocol can be treated differently depending on the customizable filters and policies you have in place.


This new solution is completely invisible to the network which makes security devices undetectable to any intruder. Along with invisibility, INVIKTUS is a completely unhackable solution, giving customers the reassurance that their layer 1 devices have high quality cybersecurity technology in place. 


INVIKTUS is easy to deploy with its lock and leave functionality. Confirm your rules, policies and customize your filters to lock the device and leave it to run with little to no maintenance requirements. With the customizable policy-based filtering locked in place, INVIKTUS works to the policies you put in place, even if an update attempts to change the policy without your knowledge.


INVIKTUS; unconquerable

This simple and highly effective new technology is unconquerable because it is invisible. Hackers can't defeat it, and you have full control of it.