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Government network visibility

We Have Your Back

We understand the delicacy and complexities of the challenges that are faced within the aviation industry's networks. With our ability to develop specialized solutions that give our agencies the technology they need, we have been able to play a crucial part in our customers' security.



Like you, we are constantly striving to improve our technology to best suit your needs. 

aviation support

The Challenge



  • Increased expenditure in network infrastructure

  • Managing both network and security teams increases in difficulty

  • Less effective network visibility


  • Uncompetitive latency and bandwidth damages quality.

  • The user experience, operational efficiency and security suffers

The Solution

Increased Network Complexity:


Failure to Optimize:

​To tackle increased network complexities, our customers implement a suitable network packet broker platform in order to see everything within their network. This ensures network teams and network security teams can get the access to the required traffic when they need it, without the internal disputes.

Our packet brokers allow for increased network visibility so users can gain the most accurate information; allowing for well-informed decision making. Plus, you can gain a significant cost saving on your monitoring solutions. Clever aggregating and filtering allows you to send only the required information to the tooling.



Network Critical's tools are precise for the most successful network performance, allowing users to meet external SLAs and gain the most out of their network. Only top-of-the-range products such as the products you see in the Product Comparison Chart (below) will allow for excellent network performance.

Network Packet broker deployment
Airbus Network

“I'm delighted to say the use of Network Critical's TAPs across the multiple rigs, has helped us to complete all our first flight test objectives on schedule, whilst at the same time offering us the additional capability to resolve some of the inherent limitations of layer 2 switches.”


- System Test Lead Engineer

Airbus had a requirement to deploy network solutions for receiving accurate information on their aircraft testing. They used our Network TAPs  to capture and monitor important testing data that transmits through their network. Our Network TAPs also provided them no impact and no intrusion to their network, to ensure complete accuracy of the test results.

  • High level service assurance

  • 100% of traffic received

  • Zero impact on the network

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