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A Wild, Fantastic Future Ahead

Good morning 2023! As we ring in a new year, it is a good time to look further forward at some innovations that may shape our lives in the future. Advances in computer technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Quantum Computing will lead to life-changing innovations in science, medicine, climate, energy, travel, and many other aspects of our everyday lives.

Network Critical

An interesting idiom about innovation is that we tend to overestimate short-term advances and largely underestimate long-term changes. That is to say that as we come close to the commercialization of a new technology or invention, there are often inevitable problems that must be addressed that tend to delay widespread use. In the longer term, however, on a twenty to the fifty-year horizon, we usually underestimate the pace and scope of innovation. With that in mind, let's look at some long-term challenges that sound crazy now and some shorter-term advances that may soon be beneficial to our everyday lives.

Long Term Innovations

Over the past decade TV technology has been advancing with higher and higher resolution on thinner and thinner displays. 4K Ultra-Hi resolution and QLED TVs offer superior resolution and brighter colors than earlier flat-screen TVs. They are light years ahead of the old 1960’s cabinet tube TVs. Well, in a back-to-the-future moment, 4K volumetric 3D TV is on the somewhat distant horizon for mid 21st century. Volumetric displays are in the form factor of an aquarium. They will provide a realistic 3D picture in 4K resolution. Tiny particles called voxels (think 3D pixels) will be refreshed dozens of times per second at a data rate over 1000 times that of a 2D flat-screen TV. So, dust off grandma’s old TV cabinet because your new volumetric TV will not hang on a wall.

Neural Engineering is a new field that aims to implant a brain to computer interface directly into specific lobes of the brain. The user would then have the capability to control smart connected devices through their thoughts. Initial iterations would be able to allow individuals who are physically impaired to control lights, heat, and computers simply by thinking commands. Further out, however, this technology may be capable of actually controlling human functions thereby curing paralysis, preventing stroke, preventing blindness, or assisting with speech. There is even the possibility of using this technology in the field of education to download information directly to the brain. As we consider the need for cyber security in 2023, this type of technology highlights the critical need for advanced network security capabilities in the future. Imagine the chaos that could be caused by hacking an individual's actual brain.

Shorter Term Advances

While actual brain hacking may be a future concern, as companies layer cloud services into new services and applications, network attack surfaces will expand. Therefore, one of the prime areas of product enhancement focus at Network Critical is #cybersecurity. Throughout 2023, we will be rolling out new hardware and firmware across our product portfolio that will enhance the security profile of our customers.

  • The SmartNA product range will feature a new controller card with new security requirements to keep visibility tools and associated customer networks even more safe and secure.

  • Understanding the importance of keeping records of all incidents where employees or others access network links or equipment, Syslog functionality will be added to the Drag n Vu Graphical User Interface. Any access to network devices through the GUI will be logged and reported. This information can also be transmitted to a remote destination.

  • Helping to increase speeds on legacy copper networks has been an item of interest for many of our customers. This year we are developing a new 10Gbps copper module for the SmartNA-XL. This new module has all the capabilities and advantages of the ground-breaking SmartNA-XL for failsafe tapping while protecting network reliability and availability. Users will be able to increase speeds on legacy copper links and connect 10G tools without having to convert the links to optical fiber.

  • Network Critical is also planning enhancements to our SmartNA-PortPlus and HyperCore Packet Brokers. These enhancements will add innovative features at high speeds at attractive budget points for small, medium, and large global networks.

Network Critical is an innovator in network visibility and cyber security bringing many new ideas to market over the last 25 years. This coming year will be no exception to our legacy of innovation. For more detail on our visibility and security product enhancements, contact the experts at

From all of us at Network Critical, we wish all our customers and prospective customers a happy, healthy, prosperous, and cyber-safe new year.





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