The top four things to monitor in your data center

Proper and thorough data center monitoring should be a key focus area for every organization.

New technologies are constantly reshaping the state of modern networking. This simple fact can be applied to many areas of today’s digital business landscape. Whether it’s SD-WAN, automation, edge computing or any other major IT initiative, today’s networks are influenced by new technologies every year, evolving rapidly and becoming more complex all the while. Network performance and security have never been so important, as businesses increasingly rely on their IT infrastructure in order to deliver positive end-user and customer experience, and compete in the market.

But many networking and security tasks that used to be done manually can now be done automatically, and in many cases by the systems themselves. The whole advent of DevOps has driven automation to levels that greatly improve IT efficiency. That said, it can make us blind to what’s really happening on the network.

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