The Complete Network Visibility Solution

Flexible and fully modular network TAP and Network Packet Broker solutions, tailored to meet your network's needs 

SmartNA™ System

- Advanced traffic filtering and aggregation.

- Simple management interface with Drag-n-Vu™

- Hot-swappable modular design

SmartNA-X™ System

- Traffic Aggregation from any module

- Advanced Packet Filtering

- Hot-Swappable modular design


- Intelligent Hybrid TAP System

- 10G Bypass cards for live traffic mapping

- Powerful Drag-n-Vu™ web interface

- Fully Configurable for customization and growth with your network

SmartNA-X™ PacketPro™

- Powerful Packet Slicing

- Header Stripping for advanced filtering

- Payload Masking for compliant analysis

- Fully Configurable for customization and growth with your network

SmartNA PortPlus™

- Ultimate Port Density

- Scalable up to 192 ports for simple expansion

- 1/10/25/40/100G flexible port mapping

- Single pane of management with unique GUI software

Passive Fiber Optic MPO TAP

- Passive Fiber Optic TAPs

- 100% Passive Visibility of speeds up to 100G

- Always On, No point of failure

Passive Fiber Optic TAPs

- Passive Fiber Optic TAPs

- Total Visibility of speeds up to 100G


Together, we can find the perfect solution for your network

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