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Invisible • Unhackable • Always Protected

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Protect the future of your business TODAY!

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INVIKTUS™ is the unique cybersecurity system from Network Critical that provides the strongest low-level security for your critical network. This zero-trust technology provides the extra layer of security you need to keep cybercrime at bay.

Using a policy-based configuration ensures that all access to any or all points of your network is validated before being allowed or kept.







Zero-Trust Security

Zero-Trust Security is based on the concept “Trust No-one” requiring the organization to validate and provide the access to all users, applications and devices whether they are inside or outside the organization’s network. By configuriting a series of security policies these approaches will be granted or keeped access to the data within your network. Minimising the risk to vulnerabilities and cyber threats.

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Renowned university chooses INVIKTUS to protect
their network infrastructure

"Our challenge was how we can provide free wifi to our students and at the same time protect our vital systems from being compromised."
Security Manager


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Key Features 
  • Completely unhackable ​


  • Works at full line-rate performance

  • Invisible to the network

  • Lock and leave functionality

  • Customisable policy-based

  • Strengthens any network’s security


  • Zero-latency

  • No IP or MAC address

  • Runs in the background with minimal maintenance

  • Suits any budget and any network

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Can your business afford not to have INVIKTUS™?

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The Rise of Cybersecurity

Read our latest Ebook and protect your network with our Cybersecurity Strategy


Together, we can find the perfect solution for your network

We understand your privacy is important. Network Critical does not share your personal information with any unauthorized parties. For more information on how we use your personal data, please review our Privacy Policy.
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