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About Us

Since 1997, Network Critical has taken the computer networking industry by storm. Now with offices in the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East, we continue to develop and innovate the highest quality, most flexible and easy-to-use hardware devices (Network TAPs and Packet Brokers) and software (Drag-n-Vu™) alongside our established technology partners. We design, develop and manufacture all of our products with our talented engineering and technical teams. 


"Bei der Entwicklung und Überwachung von Key Performance Indicators dreht sich alles um die Genauigkeit der Informationen. Die Network Critical-Produkte bieten eine 100% genaue Verkehrstransparenz auf den wichtigsten Links, was für uns von entscheidender Bedeutung ist."

Ingenieur für Netzwerkleistungsüberwachung

„Eine kontinuierliche Überwachung ist absolut entscheidend, um ein qualitativ hochwertiges Netzwerk aufrechtzuerhalten und die europäischen Datenvorschriften einzuhalten. Network Critical SmartNA-X ermöglicht es uns, den Datenverkehr zu sehen und zu verwalten, ohne den Live-Datenverkehr zu beeinträchtigen.“


Blaine Barrs


Account Manager



With an extensive background in our industry, Chris has expert market knowledge and its continuous changes.

He provides vigilant and focused customer service, developing trustful long-term relationships with all customers

Chris Pieri


Our Team Values


Optimizing evolving networks since 1997. Our focus is to help you achieve your business goals.


We are available around the clock to meet your needs.


All our solutions are supported by our technological experts.


We are constantly growing, keeping ahead with the latest trends in network solutions.


This US Government Agency needed to connect seven specific security and monitoring tools to network links. The security tools required real-time access and the monitoring tools required a copy of all traffic. They used two independent SmartNA-XL™ modular Ethernet TAPs that successfully connected these seven tools to a single critical link.



“We base our deployment on NIST best practices. Using specialized tools to secure our infrastructure and maintain information privacy, our network remains in line with accepted standards. The Network Critical platform allows us to connect all the right tools while maintaining the highest level of reliability.”


Data Management Systems Analyst


Our Solutions

INVIKTUS cybersecurity system is the strongest low-level security for your critical network. This low-cost security solution is a reliable and high-quality way to keep your internal network secure.


It has been designed to operate continuously, supporting full line rate traffic flows, with near-zero latency, at speeds up to 400Gbps per channel. This results in zero impact on network performance.

This groundbreaking solution is suitable for any network, affordable and low maintenance is required. INVIKTUS has no IP or MAC address and is therefore invisible on the network.


Network Critical’s 32 X 400G SmartNA-PortPlus HyperCore™ Network Packet Broker bridges the gap between today's ultra high speed networks, and existing management, monitoring and security tools.


Beyond server ready high speed connectivity for security and monitoring tools, the SmartNA-PortPlus HyperCore™ is also a feature rich traffic manager. Advanced features such as aggregation, filtering, graphical port mapping and load balancing of core network traffic allow users to leverage their tool investment.

drag-n-vu-logo_cmyk (1).png

• Total Visibility

• Fast and Simple Deployment

• Reduced Operational Costs

Network Critical’s revolutionary Drag-n-Vu™ is a sophisticated computational engine with an intelligent and intuitive graphical user interface that enables fast, error-free configuration and simplifies change management.

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Gemeinsam finden wir die perfekte Lösung für Ihr Netzwerk

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