Modular Hybrid Packet Broker / TAP Solution up to 10G

Modular Visibility up to 10G

The SmartNA-X™ Hybrid Network Packet Broker solution can perform a wide range of traffic access and management functions. With a fully-modular design and high performance, the SmartNA-X™ can be configured to deliver access and visibility into a broad spectrum of monitoring and security operations across enterprise and service provider infrastructures.

SmartNA-X™ TAPs connect seven tools to a single link providing the foundation for government regulatory

US Government Agency


Intelligent Packet Processing

The SmartNA-X™ chassis offers four 1G/10G modular slots to integrate a wide variety of TAP/Processor modules that safely connect tools while protecting network reliability and availability. The full range of hot-swappable TAP modules offer user-definable port options including fail-safe Copper, Bypass, Single-Mode Fiber (SMF), Multi-Mode Fiber (MMF), SFP and Advanced Packet Processors which allow businesses to meet their rapidly evolving network monitoring demands.


SmartNA-X™'s powerful chassis backplane allows copied traffic to be shared and filtered between the TAP modules without any throughput limitations. SmartNA-X™ is managed by Network Critical’s Drag-N-Vu™ Web Graphical User Interface, making deployment and change management simple and accurate. Advanced features such as aggregation, filtering and load-balancing are also made available through the GUI. 

SmartNA-X™ PacketPro Processor

As the enabler of multiple applications, PacketPro™ can manipulate any packet that is sent from the production network to the monitoring network. Capable of processing traffic from integrated TAPs, Bypass TAPs, SPAN ports, and Packet Brokers, PacketPro™ is a powerful addition to Network Critical’s SmartNA-X™ solution for your network monitoring operations.

  • Powerful and flexible Ethernet packet slicing, header stripping and payload masking module.

  • Key enabler for compliance with regulations such as SOX, HIPAA and PCI-DSS.

  • No physical ports are present on the front panel – traffic flows are internal to the SmartNA-X and traffic maps are created with Drag-n-Vu

  • Configurable as 2x10G, or 4x1G line-rate full duplex parallel processing engines

  • Eliminate the need for additional expensive monitoring tools to decipher protocols.


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Single-Pane-Of-Glass network management at your fingertips, enabling fast, error-free configuration and simplifying change management.


Hybrid Visibility Solution


Robust, flexible visibility solution with a fully-configurable, modular design. Gain complete access into your monitoring and security infrastructures.

Hybrid Visibility Solution

SmartNA-X HD™

High-speeds combine with high port-density for a robust visibility solution into your monitoring and performance operations.

Hybrid Visibility Solution

SmartNA PortPlus™

The ultimate choice for complete Network Visibility, the SmartNA PortPlus redefines scalability with its ultra-high port density and high speeds.


Cisco is a global leader in telecommunications, security, network infrastructure and IT applications. As an official Cisco Solution Partner, Network Critical helps provide visibility and access for Cisco security and performance monitoring solutions.

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