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Modular Hybrid Packet Broker / TAP Solution up to 10G


An Introduction to SmartNA-X™

Network Critical’s unique SmartNA-X modular hybrid TAP and Packet Broker enables clear visibility to tools that monitor network traffic and secure confidential information so vital to the success of the organization.

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SmartNA-X™ TAPs connect seven tools to a single link providing the foundation for government agency regulatory compliance 

Modular Visibility up to 10G

The SmartNA-X™ Hybrid Network Packet Broker solution can perform a wide range of traffic access and management functions. With a fully-modular design and high performance, the SmartNA-X™ can be configured to deliver access and visibility into a broad spectrum of monitoring and security operations across enterprise and service provider infrastructures.

Intelligent Packet Processing

The SmartNA-X™ chassis offers four 1G/10G modular slots to integrate a wide variety of TAP/Processor modules that safely connect tools while protecting network reliability and availability. The full range of hot-swappable TAP modules offer user-definable port options including fail-safe Copper, Bypass, Single-Mode Fiber (SMF), Multi-Mode Fiber (MMF), SFP and Advanced Packet Processors which allow businesses to meet their rapidly evolving network monitoring demands.


This ethernet TAP's powerful chassis backplane allows copied traffic to be shared and filtered between the TAP modules without any throughput limitations. SmartNA-X™ is managed by Network Critical’s Drag-n-Vu™ Web Graphical User Interface, making deployment and change management simple and accurate. Advanced features such as aggregation, filtering and load-balancing are also made available through the GUI. 

SmartNA-X™ TAP Modules

(2) 1GbE SFP,
(2) 10GbE SFP+

(2) LX or SX Optical,
(2) 10/100/1000 Ethernet

(2) LX or SX Optical,
(2) 1GbE SFP

(2) 10/100/1000 Ethernet,
(2) 1GbE SFP

(4) 10/100/1000 Ethernet

(4) 1GbE, (2) 10GbE Packet Processing Engines

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Technology Partnerships

Cisco is a global leader in telecommunications, security, network infrastructure and IT applications. As an official Cisco Solution Partner, Network Critical helps provide visibility and access for Cisco security and performance monitoring solutions.

Cisco Network Critical Technology Partner
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“Continuous monitoring is critical to digitization and automation of our many monitoring systems. Being able to monitor remote sites from a single location keeps our systems up to date without having a large staff running around in trucks.”


Senior Project Manager, Refining Operations


“In addition to monitoring control systems, we have security tools that understand our traffic patterns and look for anomalies that might signal malware or viruses attempting to embed in our systems. Unauthorized manipulation of our monitoring systems can have serious safety and production consequences. Network Critical TAP’s help us manage security without impacting network traffic.”


Director, IT Services

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