Why you should use a Centralized Monitoring System

New Challenges

The size of networks and the challenges in monitoring them share a linear relationship. As more devices and access points are added, monitoring their performance becomes increasingly challenging. This is because as more devices are connected, network visibility becomes harder to achieve. While Packet Brokers and Network TAPs provide visibility, they are often insufficient for vast, complex networks.

As a result of the pandemic, pre-existing trends such as flexible working and working from home have gained widespread adoption. People are now using personal devices and internet connections to access corporate resources, resulting in more unsecured equipment and network access points to monitor. Therefore, more and more high-value information is flowing across various networks/WANs. Moreover, disruptive technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) mean the number of devices connected to the enterprise WAN is increasing exponentially. These factors make monitoring performance and security a tricky proposition however centralized monitoring and the use of proper tools can make the problem easier to tackle.