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The Upcoming Era of Packet Brokers

Network Packet Broker Evolution:

The birth of the internet brought along with it a rapid need for innovation as users shift more of their lives online. Demand for bandwidth has exponentially increased as the shift occurs. Moreover, with more and more people working remotely, the demand for network monitoring and management has surged with no signs of slowing. Network Packet Brokers are a relatively new tool that gains access to and analyses traffic on a network. Once analysed, it is sent to the correct tool by the network packet broker.

Rapid evolution has seen network packet broker speeds grow from 1GB to the modern-day standard of 100GB in the blink of an eye. One might wonder how organizations can future-proof themselves if speeds are constantly evolving. Network Critical has thought of this and they now offer nonblocking speeds of 400GB. This giant leap ensures current tools are fully utilised whilst leaving enough room for any future tools required down the line.

The SmartNA-PortPlus HyperCore™ Network Packet Broker - A Seismic shift

The SmartNA-PortPlus HyperCore™ supports 400GB capabilities across 32 ports. This high-density configuration is also a scalable network and server-ready base unit that supports 32 x 10/25/40/50/200/400G interfaces. Along with the wide range of speeds supported, the HyperCore™ network packet broker also supports copper and fiber optics inputs/outputs. Breakout cables allow further scalability to 256 ports.

Features such as aggregate, filter, and load balancing are supported on existing tools, as well as any added down the line. Programmable architecture purpose-built to support workload density, emerging protocols, and new technologies have been implemented. These features ensure existing tool life is extended whilst new and existing tools are fully leveraged.

5G Use Case

Due to the incredibly fast speeds supported, the SmartNA-PortPlus HyperCore™ network packet broker has a limitless set of use cases. One interesting use case is with cellular providers. As they strive to lower their subscriber churn rate (the number of new users minus users who left), they must ensure they maintain a high-level quality of service. Network Critical’s SmartNA-PortPlus HyperCore™ network packet broker enables this by providing 100% accurate traffic visibility on key links. Ensuring total network visibility is achieved means providers are able to detect network problems quickly in order to keep customers on board.

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