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The Cyber Pandemic

More than 90% of cyberattacks were due to human error in 2022 according to IBM data.

Clicking a link, opening a file, or sharing information could leave your network vulnerable to a whole raft of cyberattacks. Whilst many were battling the COVID-19 pandemic, the network industry was fighting a pandemic of its own growing by 50% year over year. Cyberattacks…

Many companies have a lot of intelligent systems in place, IDS, IPS firewalls, ACL’s ect. The majority of these systems are to protect from the outside to the inside. This is all well and good but what if the threat was coming from the inside? Additionally, all these systems work on the basis of known threats. Meaning, if they encounter a new vulnerability they implement a fix and will be protected from all identical threats in the future. Sounds good right!? Unfortunately not… this does contain a big flaw. They are unable to protect against a vulnerability they are yet to discover, resulting in numerous updates to plug the leaks. These security systems are not only one step behind but they are also visible in the network enabling hackers to see, learn and poke. So our policy is to hide everything and trust nobody!

Furthermore, they are expensive! Not only monetary value but also in time, high-traffic streams running DPI can cause serious performance issues that introduce latency and lag.

INVIKTUS™ is far simpler, zero-trust, and completely invisible; it is typically deployed on the inside of networks in front of critical servers or services. With strict layered set off policies, you can control exactly who does and does not gain access. Operating up to layer 4 of the OSI model, policies include V-LANs, MAC and IP addresses, IP protocols, and port numbers that restrict or enable specific packets from entering the traffic stream. If packets match the preset policies they will then encounter the usual login requirements your server offers. Acting like gatekeepers, INVIKTUS™ ports do not have any MAC or IP address so it operates completely undetectable to a hacker. How can something be hacked if the hacker doesn’t know it exists?

INVIKTUS™ does not require frequent security patches or annual license fees. It has lock and leave functionality that provides a cost-effective zero-trust solution without compromising your performance.

Acting independently to other toolings like ACL/management systems it has an easy-to-use GUI where configuration can be quickly and easily managed. We understand that it is not the only security system required in a network but we do believe that if it is deployed correctly it adds an extra layer of high security that is unbeknown to a hacker, greatly reducing your vulnerability to malicious attacks and keeping your network secure for years to come.

So can you really afford to not have INVIKTUS™ in your network?

Speak with our expert team at and be one step ahead of cybercrime.





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