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The Best Growth Strategy is to Give Thanks

"If you do not seek out allies and helpers, then you will be isolated and weak"

The month of November, Thanksgiving month seems like a good time to recognize the contributions of our many partners who contribute to our success. Of course, there are many platitudes about collaboration, teamwork, and cooperation. However, making true partnerships productive in real life is hard work on both sides. Here, we acknowledge the contributions of our many partners.


There is not just one type of partnership that fits all needs on both sides. At Network Critical we have established a variety of key partnerships to extend our market reach and benefit our end customers. We work closely with Value Added Resellers (VAR), distributors, and technical partners.

  • VAR - These businesses usually have expertise in a particular area of the computing ecosystem. As such they carry products from complementary manufacturers to provide complete solutions to their end-user customers. VARs usually also provide design expertise, installation, and on-site post-sale support services. With offices regionally or even local to their end users, they are able to establish close business relationships with their customer base. Larger VARs have a direct relationship with their primary product manufacturers and use distributors to fill out solutions where no direct relationship exists.

  • Distributors - These are large national or global businesses that carry a large inventory of products and sell mostly to VARs who do not have direct manufacturing relationships. Distributors have direct relationships with large, medium, and small VARs. While it may not be feasible for manufacturers to have direct relationships with every VAR, these distributors extend the reach of the manufacturer by providing off-the-shelf products to VARs. Timing is often critical in network design and deployment. Distributors make sure the right products are available to VARs within the time interval needed by stocking, shipping, and billing products on demand.

  • Technical Partners - Tech partners are generally manufacturers that market products that are complementary to other manufacturers. These relationships are important because networking equipment, by definition, connects to other networking equipment. When complementary manufacturers develop close relationships with each other, they keep each other up to date on product changes and improvements enhancing connectivity and support capabilities provided to their end-user and VAR customers. These cooperative relationships foster innovation and integration that benefits both organizations as well as end-users.

Thanks To All Our Partners

During this season of giving thanks, we thought it would be appropriate for Network Critical to express our appreciation for the hard work and cooperation that our many partners bring to market. Our VARs and Tech Partners invest resources to understand our product and train their sales and engineering staff on how our products work together. Our distributor partners invest in the advanced purchase of products so they will be able to ship the right product at the right time to their VAR customers.

It is important to us and our partners that the solution provided to the end user customer performs seamlessly as a system. Network Critical, we provide expertise to train and support partner engineers and sales personnel on our products. We also provide products for lab testing and certification of our products by our partners.

As both Network Critical and our partners invest resources in these relationships, we become stronger in the eyes of our customers. Users can be confident that the solutions they deploy have been lab-tested, and certified and will be supported as a single system rather than a chain of individual products. This coordination provides the critical network reliability and availability that our users require.

During the day-to-day activities and hard work that it takes to establish and maintain these relationships, we often do not take the time to step back and appreciate each other's contributions. So, to all our VARs, Distributors, and Tech Partners…THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO.

Partnership Information

Network Critical is always open to discussing complementary relationships with manufacturers, VARs, and distributors. The network landscape is changing. Technology is advancing. Attention to #networksecurity is growing. The need for partnerships, likewise, is expanding.

For more information about our products and our partnership programs go to

Network Critical - Thank You!





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