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Security is the biggest challenge in the cloud

Over the last few years companies have been moving their IT infrastructure to the cloud; one of the current trends in networking. Traditional network computing and data storage methods no longer meet the needs for easy and fast access, threat detection and cost reduction. Thanks to technological advancements the cloud is an economical and fast solution at your fingertips, allowing businesses to store and share data in real-time with the ease of accessing them anywhere with an internet connection.

Uploading data to the cloud is the trend in Networking

However, they all have the same challenge: how to keep data secure from cybersecurity attacks.

The goal of every business is to have a secure network to rely on, and the best way to start is with a strategic and thorough network security architecture. Network Critical has designed network TAPs and packet brokers from the ground up, ensuring 100% traffic visibility. This means we assure that all threats, no matter how small, can pass through their TAPs and be analysed.

No matter what type of cloud environment you operate in, malicious actors will want access to your sensitive data. So, another way to protect your data before uploading it to the cloud is by encrypting your files. There are specialized cloud-protection apps, which will allow you to apply passwords to your files before you actually upload them to the cloud. Moreover, some cloud providers have encrypted cloud services. But it's never a bad idea to go through a preliminary round of encryption for your files to get the extra assurance.

After you take these precautions, you should run tests on your security system. Analysing your company’s performance with your security setup can show you where to make needed changes. Continuous monitoring traffic and performance is important for a variety of reasons including basic network traffic analysis and resource planning, receiving alarms of outages, bottlenecks or unanticipated heavy traffic periods. Packet brokers like the SmartNA-X from Network Critical help enterprise networks and cloud service providers manage the panoply of appliances that are required for robust monitoring.

As a final recommendation, carefully read the policies developed that govern what information should and should not be stored in the cloud, sometimes the cloud provides services that come with a catch. Do some research on previous clients and find out if there are any bad reviews before you go ahead with their services.

Getting on the cloud is the trend in the network nowadays, but we should engage with caution and get in touch with the experts on the subject. For more information about Packet brokers and cloud monitoring, contact Network Critical.





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