Post-Pandemic Network Update

It’s time for a network assessment

The Great Resignation. Work From Home (WFH). Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). The Global Pandemic. What do these business trends have in common? These individual trends have all converged to create a dramatic change in the way people work leaving organizations more vulnerable to cybercrime and affecting network performance.

Technology Changes in the Office

WFH and BYOD have been emerging business trends for the last few years. In fact, Network Critical wrote a blog in 2019 about how they were changing the network landscape. As the 8-5 office-based workday was challenged by technology that allowed work from anywhere, changes needed to be made in how networks supported workers.

As this trend started to take root, the business computer merged with the personal smartphone. Personal devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets are now standard tools for knowledge workers. Moving applications to the cloud further erodes the direct control organizations have over their network and associated proprietary information. The corporate control of tethered desktop computers with closed-loop access to network resources is now quite muddled.