Remote Monitoring and Security Simplified: New SmartNA-XL Features include GRE Support

Organizations with multiple sites and multiple networks often use Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) to securely connect remote networks such as branch offices. Other GRE tunneling uses might be to reduce the number of hops between two end points, carrying traffic types not supported by the WAN and connecting discreet tenants in a network. There are many use cases in all industries for this useful technology. One new use case, perhaps overlooked is backhauling TAP mirror traffic to monitoring and security tools at a central location.

Network Critical is introducing GRE support in a new release of the SmartNA-XL Hybrid TAP/Packet Broker. This breakthrough technology offers many operational and financial benefits to multi-site/multi-network organizations. A few examples might be bank branch offices, oil and gas companies with far flung exploration platforms, government services with multiple offices, retail locations, and mobile phone network providers. All of these organizations have a central headquarters and many geographically dispersed remote sites. Many may already be using GRE for network connections. The new SmartNA-XL now allows centralized connection of monitoring and security tools to the list of GRE applications.