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Network Critical Launches SmartNA PortPlus™ Network Packet Broker

Network Critical, a leading designer and manufacturer of TAPs and Packet Broker solutions, today announced the launch of SmartNA PortPlus™. This latest Packet Broker is a high density, high performance solution with up to 192 Ports covering 1/10/25/40/100G speeds. The new class-leading product enables organizations to quickly and easily tap into next-generation high speed networks whilst leveraging existing monitoring tool investments, thereby reducing capital expenditure. In short, SmartNA PortPlus™ helps organizations to cost-effectively scale their monitoring and security infrastructure.

Available in September 2018, this network visibility product creates the foundation for understanding what is happening on the network, especially when dealing with a myriad of tools, allowing organizations to better manage and improve the performance of their network.

Revolutionary, SmartNA PortPlus™ is more scalable, affordable, flexible and smarter than any other Packet Broker in the market today and enables 100% visibility of network traffic. This means that huge volumes of network traffic can be effectively aggregated, filtered and load balanced across multiple security and monitoring tools, delivering more efficiency and resilience to the business.

The sheer volume of data that organizations are trying to push through the network has swiftly increased in the last few years, as has demand for faster network speeds. That’s because organizations have witnessed a rapid evolution of business applications and systems as well as a shift toward more virtual and cloud computing at a time of ever-increasing threats to the network.

As a result, the network perimeter is fast disappearing as users become more mobile and organizations do more business in the cloud. Additionally, stringent government and industry regulations require stricter data center controls to ensure compliance. In this environment the need to observe all traffic, prevent malicious activity and ensure a high performance network is critical. The new SmartNA PortPlus™ product helps to ‘bridge the gap’ in organizations who have differing network traffic speeds and whose security and monitoring tools have differing capabilities to receive traffic. Because the product can effectively handle traffic at 1/10G and 25G as well as 40G and 100G, and features an enormous 1.8 Tbps system throughput, it can act as the central hub to gather vast quantities of data and distribute it to the right tools.

Alastair Hartrup, Global CEO of Network Critical commented: “We enable organizations to send the right traffic to the right tools and to do this quickly and robustly. With our SmartNA PortPlus™ we have extended the diversity of ports at a lower cost to provide ultimate scalability for our clients. This increase in ports means that the SmartNA PortPlus™ product will disrupt the market because it delivers scalability, flexibility and affordability, enabling companies to future proof their network and scale at a pace and size that suits their needs.”

Other key features include Network Critical’s revolutionary, patented Drag-n-Vu™ technology, which allows organizations to filter traffic based on IP addresses, protocols, ports and VLANs to provide improved network visibility. With an intelligent and intuitive user interface, Drag-n-Vu™ technology allows for fast and error-free configurations. Drag-n-Vu™ technology also makes it easy to add complex filter rules and port mapping, virtually eliminating configuration time as well as costly mistakes. This means organizations don’t have to employ an army of professional services consultants to set up and manage the technology.

Technical features of the new solution also include:

  • Next Generation Packet Broker with 1/10/25/40/100G connectivity and a programmable architecture purpose-built to support workload density, emerging protocols and new technologies.

  • 1.8 Tbps system throughput supports Maximum Line Rate on every interface.

  • Drag ‘n’ Vu Software - For fast and error-free configurations

Alastair Hartrup concludes: “There are two very distinct reasons why organizations buy our solutions: to meet growing compliance requirements and the need for more robust monitoring and reporting, especially with GDPR coming into force in May 2018; and in order to optimize performance and make sure that the organization is meeting its SLAs and budgetary requirements."

“What’s really disruptive about the SmartNA PortPlus™ is that we are now making 100G capabilities more broadly available to a much wider market. Previously this technology was only really suitable for those with sizable networks and deep pockets. Now many more organizations can take advantage of its strategic benefits.”

For more information about the SmartNA PortPlus™, including details on how to pre-order, please visit our website:




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