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Network Critical Celebrates a Great Year

The holiday season is upon us. It is a time for family, celebration, and reflection. Families take time out of hectic schedules to connect, relax and enjoy each other's company. Members of various religions celebrate their roots. It is also a good time to reflect on the year past and set goals for the future. Here we reflect on the challenges met and the plans delivered.

But First, A Little History

TAPs were historically used as temporary tools to provide traffic visibility in order to diagnose network problems. As link problems were diagnosed and solved, the TAP tool was removed and used on the next trouble ticket. Network Critical had a vision that TAPs should be permanently connected to links providing organizations with complete, accurate traffic visibility all the time. By upgrading the TAP from a diagnostic tool to a permanent network tool, we could allow businesses to better understand traffic on their networks. By seeing and understanding traffic patterns, organizations would have the ability to be alerted to problems before they caused network outages, plan for future growth and increase security on links by reporting on traffic anomalies and malicious traffic.

That was 25 years ago this year. Since that time, Network Critical has continued to innovate and improve upon that idea creating the SmartNA™ family of intelligent TAPs. Not only did these products allow for permanent, accurate link access, but they also provided advanced features allowing port mapping, traffic filtering, and aggregation. Since that time, our products have expanded in scope and speed. Concurrently, we established strong partnerships with industry leaders providing complete visibility solutions to enterprise, government, carrier, and SMB networks. These solutions help organizations improve their network security, traffic monitoring, and overall network performance. As we close out our 25th successful year, here are a few highlights from 2022.

Network Critical 2022 Milestones

  • Introduction of INVIKTUS™ - As the need for strong network security grows globally, Network Critical answers the call with INVIKTUS™. A cyber security milestone in the rich history of innovation at Network Critical, INVIKTUS™ is a zero-trust security solution that allows or blocks unwanted traffic. This unique network security product is unseen in the network and therefore, unhackable. Using a policy-based configuration the system ensures that all access to any and all points of your network is validated before being allowed or kept. INVIKTUS™ has been very well received by our existing customers and has also created opportunities for us to expand deeper into the cybersecurity market.

  • Geographical Market Expansion - In addition to product innovation, we have worked this past year on expanding our geographic reach. We have seen huge demand for our TAP products in India and South America. In order to meet that demand with the same customer touch and full-service focus that we employ in other parts of the world, we have secured exceptional partnerships in these new areas. The added benefit of this expansion beyond acquiring new geographical partners has been the exposure of our products to new industries that are common to those areas.

  • Increased Brand Awareness - This past year has seen an increased focus on our social media presence. Our marketing team has established a consistent presence on Twitter and LinkedIn as well as posting monthly blogs on our company website, Go to ‘company’, then scroll down to ‘blogs’. The blogs cover a wide range of industry issues such as cyber security, technical product developments, network management tips, and ideas for improving monitoring and security. This online presence has resulted in a broader understanding of the visibility industry and increased our reputation as a solutions provider. As a result of these initiatives, customer satisfaction rates have been excellent. Cheers to our team of high-touch networking experts working 24/7 to provide the best network solutions for our customers within their budget guidelines.

Closing out a Successful Year

As we close out a successful year we reflect on our many successes throughout 2022. This reflection must include an expression of appreciation for our brilliant and talented employees, our many loyal customers throughout the world, and our committed technology partners.

In the fast-paced technology business, we take a little time to reflect on our successes but then immediately look forward to what is next. What can we do next year to further improve our business, our products, and our customer service. We will be pondering those thoughts in our next blog looking forward to 2023. Check in with us in mid-January to read some thoughts about future technology and, perhaps, a peek into some new innovations scheduled for the 2023 release at Network Critical.

Happy Holidays and Cheers to the New Year!





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