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Keyboard Shortcuts in Drag-n-Vu™

Have you ever wondered how to select multiple ports at once when using Drag-n-Vu?

Shift+Click To Select Multiple Ports

This is helpful when you need to see the packet counters on several ports simultaneously, or when configuring linked interface settings, particularly failsafe settings on Gigabit copper TAP ports.

Alt+Drag To Edit Maps If you need to make changes to an existing map, such as removing an individual port from the map, you can hold Alt whilst dragging your mouse to make the change. The are a couple of subtleties about exactly where you click and drag that will affect the behaviour:

Firstly, you must always drag in the direction of the arrows on the map line.

If you are removing a map input port, then you should Alt+Drag from port to map.

If you are removing a map output port, then you should Alt+Drag from map to port.

If you remove the final input or output from a map then the whole map will be deleted.

Combining these two techniques allows you to edit maps extremely quickly.

Now try it out yourself!


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