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INVIKTUS (The Unconquerable One)

The essence of cybercrime is to defeat the safety systems that are in place. These safety systems or cyber defenses can be virus protection software, intrusion prevention tools, data loss protection tools, or cyber-safety training for employees who use corporate IT resources. There are a wide variety of cyber protection practices and devices. Some of these defenses are more effective than others. The most effective defenses are combinations of multiple tools to help protect networks and information from cybercriminals. Remember, the job of the cybercriminal is to defeat the system in order to gain access to internal network resources. Our job is to make it impossible for hackers to defeat the defenses.

Layers of Protection

When developing a network defense architecture, it is good practice to deploy multiple layers of protection. If one layer is defeated, other layers provide the necessary interference between the attacker and the target. For example, if employee training and firewalls are used as a defense against phishing attacks, it is still possible that an unsuspecting employee may click on a malicious link defeating the firewall and compromising the entire network. If, however, coupled with that training and firewall, an invisible intelligent shield blocked the malicious download at the ingress point, the network would be saved. That sounds a bit like science fiction, doesn’t it? Thanks to Network Critical, this unconquerable, ubiquitous protection is real. It is invisible and un-hackable.

While deploying multiple layers of protection is considered a critical element of cyber security, the practice also presents challenges, particularly for medium and small businesses. It can be cost-prohibitive to provide multiple defense tools on every link in the network. Further, multiple security tools directly connected to links can have a negative impact on overall reliability. The solution is a security shield that does not impact network reliability or add delay yet provides an impenetrable layer of protection necessary for internal network security. The shield is invisible to the network, invisible to other network tools, and invisible to hackers.

Education, Medical, Financial Focus

Medium and small networks are generally limited by space, budget, and technical expertise to match the security of their larger counterparts. It is simply not feasible for many smaller networks to match the layers of cyber defense that larger, high-budget networks provide. However, the business mission for many small to medium networks is equally important to their constituents as that of larger counterparts.

The resources necessary to recover from ransomware, phishing, or other cyber attack are much greater than the cost of prevention. Certain businesses, like education, medical and financial industries are attractive targets for attack by virtue of the criticality of their mission. Of course, many large organizations have had to deal with expensive and embarrassing breaches but SMBs (Small and Medium-sized Businesses) are deemed by attackers as more vulnerable.

Here are some interesting statistics from Cyber Security Magazine:

  • 43% of SMBs do not have a cyber security plan in place.

  • 61% of SMBs have reported at least one cyber attack in the last year

  • 83% of SMBs are not financially prepared to deal with a major cyberattack

Unconquerable Security for SMB

Network Critical presents INVIKTUS, designed specifically to provide failsafe, multi-layer network security without impacting network performance, availability, or reliability. Their unique solution provides an extra layer of security, even if the firewall is defeated.

The small, highly dense packaging of INVIKTUS, provides 1/40Gbps multi-layer security for both copper and fiber links in a single rack unit (RU) chassis. Dual, hot-swappable power supplies protect against potential power issues maintaining cyber safety even during power interruptions.

Until now it has been technically difficult and expensive for SMBs to establish a strong, multi-layer cyber security defense. Network Critical is changing that dynamic by providing the technology for SMBs to put up the same defenses as much larger organizations within SMB budget and space constraints. For more information on INVIKTUS and multi-layer cyber defense solutions go to





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