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INVIKTUS, the new way to secure your network, has arrived

Network Critical recognizes that network and security managers have a stringent job to secure their network from outside threats. However, upon research, internal human error from within the company poses an equally high threat to networks, and security measures must be put into place to ensure no mistakes can be made.

In recent years, we have seen a rise in attacks that have begun within the internal network. A simple click on a malicious email or visiting certain sites can be enough to open the door to hackers, exploits, and ransomware attackers. It is common to be unaware of many open doors within the network. Today’s cybercriminals use sophisticated exploits to lure unsuspecting persons to click or do something to breach the network via a backdoor. In some cases, this can give hackers access to the whole network including all devices connected to the internet of things (IoT).


By allowing all traffic to pass through it, INVIKTUS analyzes and decides what to do. While passing, the traffic is assessed and if it meets the criteria set by the network team, it is allowed to access secured data.

If traffic does not meet your outlined requirements, INVIKTUS sends it back instead of giving it access. This extra layer of security in your network is therefore a reliable and precise way to keep your network secure and your mind at ease.

Traditionally companies secure the external traffic entering their network, however, often internal security is overlooked. For example, if you go to a hotel, as soon as you have passed the lobby you can check all doors and windows to see if you can gain access. Even with the best security tools and strategies, your internal network is still left vulnerable. Therefore, hackers will find open doors and exploit them.Alastair Hartrup - CEO at Network Critical.

We are here before you need it

This additional internal security layer has been designed from the ground up with the security and network managers in mind. Network Critical knows that users of this device need a low-cost, easy-to-use, and highly reliable device to secure the network, reach objectives, and stay within budget.

With policy-based configuration, INVIKTUS knows if your network team has made a mistake and will not allow the changes made until the policy is met. The 1U device provides 'Lock and Leave' functionality. This means upon configuration, INVIKTUS works in the background with low maintenance requirements. It has been created to be completely invisible from the network, so exterior threats that gain access to your network cannot detect your internal security layers.

INVIKTUS is incredibly easy to set up and includes full line-rate performance. Moreover, it has been designed to have continuous power at full throughput to avoid device latency.

This groundbreaking new technology is the solution companies have been looking for. Now they can save time and money by preventing cyber and costly ransomware attacks. Contact the experts at to get the layer of security you need.





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