International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis - Denver,

Ready for 400G Traffic Monitoring for Network Performance and Security?

Each year, the SC Conference brings together a diverse set of participants from research universities and labs, academia and industry. Many of these participants work on solving some of the most computationally complex problems ranging from medical research, climate change, and artificial intelligence to having an autonomous vehicle identify a pedestrian crossing a street.

At this year’s SC19 (November 17-22), Big Switch is partnering with Dell EMC and Network Critical to provide a monitoring infrastructure to SCinet, the SC Conference’s dedicated high-capacity network infrastructure, for a 400GE ready network using new Dell EMC Z9332F-ON (32X400GE) switches. Big Switch provides the next-generation NPB (network packet broker) software that runs on Dell open networking switches managed by a centralized SDN controller and powers this industry-standard (open) hardware to provide the NPB functionality.

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