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4 Critical Elements Impacting Network Visibility Today - via Network Computing

An effective network visibility strategy requires understanding the technical, financial, political, and legal aspects impacting your network operations.

As transformational technologies like SD-WAN, virtualization, and IoT are increasingly adopted, it’s safe to say that networks have never been more complex. And in today’s digital economy, businesses rely on their networks more than ever. Granular visibility is the one thing underpinning every complex, business-enabling network.

Simply put, network visibility is the ability to capture and see traffic and applications traveling across complex WAN and LAN links. This data is often extracted by network TAPs and distributed to various analytics, monitoring, and security tools through network packet brokers. To maintain vital business functions and ensure positive user experiences, every organization must establish a network visibility strategy and be ready to adjust it as their networks continue to grow and change over time.

Here are four key areas you need to examine when building your network visibility strategy.

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