In an ideal world, all organizations would know at all times exactly what’s happening on their network: they would have deep enough pockets to buy the equipment and engage the personnel necessary to achieve this knowledge, no matter how much the speed and size of their network increases.

In this world, though, budgetary constraints force organizations to often ask themselves “Can we make do without this or will we have enough money for that?”, and a company that is making highly scalable, flexible and easy-to-deploy solutions is the answer to their needs.

Network Critical’s new SmartNA PortPlus network packet broker provides the solution for the total network visibility problem.

A trusted provider

Network Critical was founded twenty years ago by Alastair Hartrup, who is still the CEO. The company started out as a distributor of test and measurement products, but fairly quickly moved into the network visibility market and started designing and manufacturing network TAPs and network packet brokers.

The company has a reputation for leading the industry with innovative solutions and, with a long-standing US operation and manufacturing and assembly concentrated in both the UK and in the US, it has been able to provide its offerings to many US corporate businesses, federal agencies as well as the country’s uniformed service branches.

But its customers can also be found all over the world and in many different industries. In fact, anyone that runs either large global or regional network or data center can make good use of their TAPs and packet brokers.

The need for speed

“Historically, our competitors had high-end products and extremely high prices, but we’re trying to open the network visibility market up, to expand in the enterprise market as well as Tier 1 and Tier 2 environments,” Hartrup told Help Net Security.

The company aims to do so with SmartNA PortPlus, which can be custom-built to suit all operating levels, whether the end user is a large US conglomerate with data centers across the globe or a business situated in one state with a head office and multiple branches.

SmartNA PortPlus is a packet broker, a hardware-based appliance that usually sits in the datacenter, in a rack alongside the performance monitoring and security equipment. Its main function is to give organizations total visibility of the network traffic so they can manage and improve its performance and enhance the efficiency of monitoring & security tools: intrusion detection and prevention systems, SIEMs, VoIP, data leak protection solutions, and so on.