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Is Your Network Prepared?

2021 IT budgets are increasing due to the previously unforeseen demands for remote services, and the realisation that working from home is becoming the new normal. Network expansion plans are being developed, and IT managers and Network Engineers are focusing on CAPEX and OPEX efficiencies in order to meet the demands of the long-term, global, working from home initiatives.

Ethernet TAPs

The next-generation of network tools

It is important to keep your network's tools up to speed with the ever-growing demands to gain protection from intelligent hackers whom constantly find new ways to attack networks, and for maintaining optimized performance and monitoring levels. Having old tools as the solution to your new challenges is a common and crucial error that can have destructive effects on your network's performance.  



To avoid these issues, use and update to next-generation network TAPs and packet brokers. This will meet network security and monitoring objectives, and with speeds ranging from as little as 1Gbps to as fast as 400Gbps, you can use our solutions to make sure your network is being monitored with 100% visibility, to ensure 100% security.

What should my 2021 network visibility look like?

The network monitoring technologies and tools advance every year. Without evaluating your current network monitoring tools you sacrifice your network's security and performance and competitors may overtake you. In 2021, IT and Network Managers around the globe are working hard to optimize their network monitoring and security tools, using our solutions, for reliable and effective outcomes.

If you have not already, in 2021, you should aim for your network to achieve 100% visibility into all of your desired network links, in order to gain the valuable insight that is needed for the success of your business and look into where else may be important to TAP into. This may seem obvious, but many networks still lack visibility today, for various reasons. Consult with Network Critical today for understanding how we can optimize your network and how our solutions can be applied to your network for a cost-effective and reliable network monitoring.

Network trends for 2021

IT budgets are being expanded across the globe to tackle new and old priorities in order to be suitable for all users, whether they are on-premises or remote users. Therefore, 2021 IT short- and long-term initiatives are highly likely to include the following initiatives and investments:

Improve and enhance security standards across the environment

Investments in network security seems to have taken the number one spot for CIO budgets. 2021 faces a rise in network security investment and enhancements, upgrading SPAN to TAPs and greater interest in bypass technologies that have yet to be deployed by some in 2020.

Recreating tech stacks for more flexibility

On-premises and remote users require different technology stacks in order to perform their best. CTOs and CIOs will see the need to recreate, or remould their current tech stacks. This means more powerful TAPs and packet brokers will be required by many in 2021 to ensure the more complex traffic is collected effectively.

Keep IT infrastructure & tool stack competitive

Competitiveness is of more importance than ever as companies struggle to keep afloat in the pandemic. Network experts will be developing their IT infrastructure and tool stack to keep up and overtake competitors performance.

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Network Critical’s solutions are used in global networks across a wide range of sectors including Telco, Government and Energy


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