Three Tips on How to Not Lose $80 Million

Capital One has been fined $80 Million due to a large data breach that exposed personal information of over 100 million credit card users and applicants. A press release from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) stated that the action was “based on the bank’s failure to establish effective risk assessment processes prior to migrating significant information technology operations to the public cloud environment.” The OCC also cited failure of the bank to establish appropriate design and implementation of network security and data loss prevention controls. 1. Next Generation Firewalls The attack was not originated by a Russian or Chinese cyber security super agency with sophi

How Networks are Changing Healthcare in a Covid World

Time Magazine states “Health doctors are worried about the unprecedented drop in emergency room visits.” ABC News reports of a dramatic drop in cancer diagnoses. Experts fear, the report says that concerns over coronavirus has led to a drop in cancer screenings. The Denver Channel reports that Covid-19 concerns have disrupted regular doctor visits for babies and kids who are delaying vaccinations and other checkups. This is only a small sample of reports citing a dramatic change in how people are managing their healthcare in a post Covid world. Not Going is No Solution People are delaying or otherwise putting off doctor visits because sick people are at the doctors office and they do not

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