Passive Optical Tapping: 5 Often Overlooked Advantages

Safely connecting monitoring and security tools allows IT managers visibility into network traffic flows. Network visibility is critical to protecting network infrastructure, securing confidential information, complying with information protection regulations and planning for future growth. There are a wide variety of TAP options for connecting these critical tools. Intelligent TAPs, Hybrid TAPs and Packet Brokers offer many advanced tool efficiency and traffic management features for complex networks. Passive Optical TAPs do not offer these advanced features but offer other advantages when used in the right application. No Power Required The entire light budget on an optical link is not

The New Normal Begins Now

As restrictions are lifted and businesses slowly re-open we find that our lives have changed. Our social customs are suddenly different. Shaking hands is a thing of the past, but it still feels awkward to meet someone new without extending a hand. Wearing masks is now standard fashion. Keeping our distance in public still feels a little strange. For many, going to the office means walking down the hall and booting up the laptop. We all need to get accustomed to these new social norms because they are not going away. Learning New Habits We are creatures of habit. Once a habit is developed and a comfortable routine settles in, making changes requires significant enticement or a major di

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