The Critical Role TAPs Play in Network Security and Resiliency

Network Attacks on the Rise Networks are under persistent attack. Here are a few key points from the annual CyberEdge Groups Cyberthreat Defense Report 2019: “No organization is immune from attack. The percentage of organizations breached in the past year increased to 78% year-over-year. Worse, 32% of businesses reported being breached 6+ times in the last 12 months, up from 27% in the previous year.” Network attacks take many forms such as phishing, ransomware, trojans, DDoS and other destructive malware. Motivations for these attacks are as disparate as the threats. Bad actors are perpetrating attacks for financial gain, political influence, competitive advantage and sometimes rage a

Spring Cleaning Your Network

Spring is the time of year to break out of the winter doldrums by cleaning out the pantry, brushing the cobwebs from the ceiling and reviewing your visibility profile. What better time than spring to make sure your network is as clean as your house. Assign the Task The very first step is to assign responsibility for a visibility and security review to a leader or a small team. If there is no specific assignment, you can be sure that the process will flounder. Smaller organizations may only have one individual as the team. The important part of an assignment process, is to make it a project, not a “when I get around to it” idea. Without a specific project assignment and report due date, yo

4 Tips for TAPs, Critical Uses for Permanent Monitoring

1. Look Beyond the Network When things slow down on the network, the complaints often come to the network manager. The call is usually for more bandwidth, more links, faster routers. However, even though most complaints blame the network, the real culprit might be lying somewhere else. We are living in an application oriented world. Business operations, marketing, selling, HR, payroll, benefits all are often being sourced to specialized third party applications. The network manager has no control over the operation of these applications but they can effect the operation of the network and the overall client experience. The network can be lightening fast with ample available bandwidth, b

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