5G Changes Everything, But Not How You Think

First, Reality Check There is a lot of hype around 5G these days. Super Bowl sponsors, Verizon and AT&T made a big deal about how 5G was changing the way people experienced the game. Note, however, that while there are some 5G sites in Miami, Florida near the stadium, the networks consist mostly derivatives of 5G Plus, 5GE, WiFi and 4G LTE. That said, 5G is coming and will likely be fairly widely deployed throughout 2021. However, managers of corporate networks should start thinking about 5G challenges to network security and data privacy. Speed, Scale and Efficiency 5G will offer 100G speeds, <1ms latency and much lower power draw in the cell sites as well as longer battery life for conn

How Automation Impacts Network Visibility

The ever-increasing access and speeds offered by today's modern networks offer many advantages to businesses and consumers, but also make the integrity of their performance and security more paramount than ever before. Yet innovations like mobile applications, IoT and cloud services add to bandwidth strain and expand potential entry points for security breaches. Despite the business benefits these new technologies and others like them can provide, IT teams are now further tasked with ensuring network integrity given the complexities and visibility challenges they often introduce. In order to keep up, more organizations are deploying advanced security and performance monitoring solutions to h

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Offering Network Visibility Solutions

Network solution providers have a challenging job nowadays, managing vendor expectations, customer questions and concerns, and fierce competition from other channel companies. Margins are squeezed by commoditization of the offerings by you and your competitors. In addition to understanding the design and applications of products in your portfolio, you also have a quota to achieve, and customer relationships to manage, grow and protect from competitors. Indeed, channel sales can be a dog-eat-dog world. And for those IT solution providers managing network visibility solutions for monitoring and security products, mistakes often can result in lost revenue and customers. Following are four key b

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