The top four things to monitor in your data center

Proper and thorough data center monitoring should be a key focus area for every organization. New technologies are constantly reshaping the state of modern networking. This simple fact can be applied to many areas of today’s digital business landscape. Whether it’s SD-WAN, automation, edge computing or any other major IT initiative, today’s networks are influenced by new technologies every year, evolving rapidly and becoming more complex all the while. Network performance and security have never been so important, as businesses increasingly rely on their IT infrastructure in order to deliver positive end-user and customer experience, and compete in the market. But many networking and securit

Vulnerabilities of Automotive IoT

Your Personal Information When a car is purchased, the dealership takes a lot of very personal and confidential information from the buyer. Some information is for the purpose of registration with the local government authorities, some is for the finance company and some is for marketing purposes. Regardless of the purpose, personal information is being collected that connects the buyer to the vehicle being purchased. In this day of IoT and everything connected, information collectors and receivers must be more vigilant protecting data. Honda Breach Exposes Customer Data According to a report in Information Security Newspaper, a massive data breach at Honda North America recently exposed

Automated Visibility: Integration with Machine Learning and AI Tools

Data privacy, infrastructure protection, traffic monitoring and performance tools all require traffic input from network links. As network tools advance in speed and performance, the visibility tools that feed them must also keep pace. AI and Machine Learning Typically, security tools are pre-programmed with algorithms to detect and block certain types of malware. Monitoring tools are designed to look at traffic volumes and patterns. Configuration, deployment and changes are achieved by command line or GUI interaction with a live person. AI and Machine learning in network tools bring many benefits to networks. AI and machine learning provide tools with power to automatically gain experien

2020 Network Performance Management Predictions - Part 2

5G LIMITATIONS AND PAIN POINTS Despite widespread hyperbole and consumer marketing, a full 5G rollout isn't likely in 2020. There are many immediate technology challenges to fulfilling the promise of ubiquitous 5G services (spectrum availability; the development of radio, switching and virtualization standards; government regulations; and real estate acquisition for the many small cell sites needed for broad coverage). We also must consider the need for backward compatibility to 4G radios and wireline bandwidth access. Many of the switches and monitoring tools used by carriers today will continue in service for years to come. Next year we will see 5G-like services release, but with many limi

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