How to Optimize Your Network Monitoring Tools with Filtering and Load Balancing

Network speeds continue to increase as business and life rely more and more heavily on digital components to function. Applications are controlling HR, sales, back office functions, supply chain management and many other business-critical elements. Social media and online video advertising are indispensable marketing tools generating increased traffic. Cloud and hybrid-cloud architectures are often leveraged to improve business scalability and agility. As a result, network bandwidth must expand rapidly in order to keep up with increasing demands. Read more.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Deploying Packet Brokers

In order to achieve continuous visibility and control of today's complex networks, organizations rely on specialized monitoring and security tools that are connected to live links. In my last blog, I discussed how TAPs facilitate that failsafe connection. In this blog, I'd like to expand beyond the TAP and look at the role Packet Brokers play in an organization's visibility architecture. This includes exploring some of the common mistakes engineers should avoid when utilizing the more sophisticated Packet Broker features. Being aware of these issues can help network managers implement an efficient visibility architecture and avoid errors that could adversely affect network monitoring, perfor

Ultra-Flexible Hybrid TAP System for End-to-End Network Access and Visibility

The SmartNA-XL from Network Critical combines critical TAP and packet broker capabilities with modularity, enabling organizations to better manage and secure the flow of network data. The unit offers both comprehensive tapping capabilities and built-in packet broker features. The third generation of the company’s SmartNA series, it features a fully modular chassis that can be customized with a choice of more than 20 different swappable TAP modules, ranging in performance from 1, 10 and 40G. This provides the high-speed performance and flexibility needed to manage tools that monitor and protect network infrastructure, secure information and keep up with the ever-changing threat landscape. To

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