High-Performance, Intelligent Hybrid TAP System

up to 40G


Modular, Hybrid Network Packet Broker - 1G/10G/40G

Network Critical’s SmartNA-XL provides the high speed performance and flexibility needed to provide accurate, real-time visibility to the tools that protect network infrastructure and secure information, keeping you up with the ever-changing threat environment.

4D Visibility: The four dimensions of a comprehensive visibility strategy.


1G/10G Hybrid Network Packet Broker


The SmartNA-XL chassis offers four 1/10G slots to integrate a wide variety of Passive, Active or Bypass TAP modules that safely connect tools while protecting network reliability and availability. In addition, a rear slot for a 40G module that allows connection to high speed optical networks or tool farms, and stacking of SmartNA-XL units for scalability.

Advanced features such as aggregation, filtering, load balancing and port mapping reduce planning, configuration and tool management time. Information is the lifeblood of modern business. Network Critical’s SmartNA-XL enables organizations to manage the flow of information securely, efficiently and reliably.


Aggregate SPAN/TAP traffic feeds across multiple network links, filtering, optimizing and feeding the combined traffic traffic to connected security and monitoring tools for further analysis


Identify traffic based on signature or patterns across any part of the packet - or corresponding to application sessions - and forward to security appliances, increasing their efficacy and performance.


Distribute traffic among multiple ports based on a variety of options: hashing, bandwidth, cumulative traffic, packet rate, connections, and more.


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Single-Pane-Of-Glass network management at your fingertips, enabling fast, error-free configuration and simplifying change management.


Hybrid Visibility Solution

Multi-purpose, mid-sized hybrid Network Packet Broker Solution for total visibility into your critical infrastructures.

Hybrid Visibility Solution

High-speeds combine with high port-density for a robust visibility solution into your monitoring and performance operations.

Hybrid Visibility Solution
SmartNA PortPlus™

The ultimate choice for complete Network Visibility, the SmartNA PortPlus redefines scalability with its ultra-high port density and expandable structure.


Cisco is a global leader in telecommunications, security, network infrastructure and IT applications. As an official Cisco Solution Partner, Network Critical helps provide visibility and access for Cisco security and performance monitoring solutions.

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4D Visibility: The Four Dimensions of a Comprehensive Visibility Strategy

Cloud-based infrastructures need continuous monitoring. But how can you guarantee full access to your traffic?


SmartNA PortPlus™ Network Packet Broker

The ultimate choice for complete Network Visibility, the SmartNA PortPlus redefines scalability with its ultra-high port density.


'Getting your Security Budget Right and Approved'

Network Security is finally getting more attention, but how do you balance proactivity and available resources?

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