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The most effective monitoring architectures have access to 100% of the network traffic. It is critical that relevant data gets to the right tool at the right time. Filtering and port mapping allow network managers to be sure that monitoring input is not only complete but precise. In complex networks, filtering can be a very complicated and time consuming process. A platform of Passive Fiber TAPs feeding data to an intelligent Network Packet Broker will enhance your monitoring tools, making them more efficient and their output more accurate.

Combine this strategy with the power of the Drag-n-vu Graphical User Interface that has the intelligence to do the math in the background, and you will save time and eliminate errors. Provide your network with better data so that you can make better recommendations.











Tapping network links at the Core, Distribution and Access layer requires accessing traffic from many links. The foundation is to insert a passive optical TAP into each network link. Optical TAPs split the light from the network, sending a mirror copy of the network traffic to a Network Packet Broker (NPB) for aggregation and distribution to the monitoring tools. Optical TAPs require no power so the network links continue to pass traffic even if power to the monitoring equipment fails. These TAPs are flexible and can be designed for single mode and multi-mode fiber at speeds from 10Mbps to 100Gbps.

Once all the links are tapped, the traffic is passed to a Network Packet Broker which provides intelligent features required to aggregate the traffic from many links into a variety of traffic streams. Each traffic stream can be filtered and mapped to the correct output ports where monitoring tools are connected. If aggregated traffic is greater than the capacity of any single monitoring tool, the NPB can equally distribute the load to multiple monitoring tools, providing flexibility and scalability as your network changes and grows. Using optical fiber taps feeding all traffic to an intelligent Network Packet Broker saves CapEx with lower hardware costs and provides complete traffic visibility for more accurate analysis and output.


Passive Fiber Optic TAPs

- Passive Fiver Optic TAPs

- Total Visibility of speeds up to 100G

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