Getting your security budget right, and getting it approved

"When CFOs ask what are the benefits of network security & training, it is the CIOs that oversees the accessibility, confidentiality and integrity of files and systems, thus making them responsible for securing and allocating budget." For many technology organizations, seeing headlines on a daily basis with reports of data breaches and cyber-attacks from all corners of the globe is highlighting the need to ensure they are protected. Board rooms and executive management are more aware of the need for effective cyber-security today than they ever have been. This awareness is driving action as many organizations look at frameworks for guidance on building effective security programs and ensurin


The high-tech industry continues to create and innovate in the field of data communications and also data privacy and protection. There are billions of dollars spent on the research and development of new products and taking them to market. Then the private sector sells products to private customers, as well as government organisations, that can benefit from those products and services. The problem? The criminal sector seems to be creating malware at a faster pace than the private sector is developing defences. Is that really the way it is going? Well, the answer may be the proverbial ‘yes and no’. In support of the argument that government is following, not leading, we have a United States
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