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Energy and Utility companies operate in an environment that has been impacted by deregulation, consolidation and more recently cybersecurity threats. 

The Energy industry has been going through transformative technological change via the introduction of Smart Grids and Smart Meters giving them the advantage of generating power more efficiently through the real-time monitoring of power consumption and use patterns.

Leveraging this emerging technology requires significant investment and current IT resources can be stretched to the limit trying to reduce network downtime as network bandwidth and network security and monitoring tools expands.

Network Critical’s solutions enable these organizations to reduce their CapEx and OpEx costs, manage their network monitoring and security tools more effectively and achieve 100% network visibility.

  • Increase ROI of network monitoring and security infrastructure through Network Critical’s scalable and modular solutions
  • Eliminate tool oversubscription and packet loss
  • Optimize tool utilization
  • Use Drag-n-Vu to visualize and manage single or multiple interconnected NPBs quickly and efficiently, ensuring the right tools see the right data.

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