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Scale Your Monitoring Needs with Exploding Mobile Data

The telecommunications landscape is constantly evolving. Network speed and capacity is exploding via bandwidth hungry applications (facebook, twitter, instagram to name but a few) and Service Providers are challenged with balancing these requirements against high user experience expectations (CEM) and regulatory requirements. The requirement for 100% network visibility therefore has never been higher.

With network links increasing exponentially the traditional approach of 1 network link to 1 tool is cost prohibitive and unscalable. Network Critical remove this barrier enabling 100% network visibility. Monitoring of Service Providers 10G and 40G traffic can be achieved using 1G tools through advanced aggregation and filtering. This not only increases tool lifespan and utilization but also reduces CapEx and Opex and eliminates the need for expensive tool updates. 

  • Achieve 100% network visibility.
  • Increase ROI of network monitoring and security infrastructure through Network Critical’s scalable and modular solutions.
  • Eliminate tool oversubscription and packet loss.
  • Optimize tool utilization.
  • Use Drag-n-Vu to visualize and manage single or multiple interconnected NPBs quickly and efficiently, ensuring the right tools see the right data.

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