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Network Critical’s unique modular solutions are available in multiple configurations.  

They can be deployed inline as a TAP routing the copied traffic to various monitoring tools or connected to a SPAN port providing exactly the same functionality, allowing any number of tools access to the same traffic.

By applying filters and/or maps to the ports we can ensure each tool only sees the data it requires. Furthermore multiple network segments can be aggregated to a single monitoring tool with filters applied if required. Aggregation improves the monitoring infrastructure ROI by enabling the use of fewer monitoring tools when additional network segments are added.

As differing monitoring tools are created and deployed to manage and protect networks, Network Critical’s solutions can also create multiple copies of the network traffic and send to different types of monitoring tools. This allows network managers to add new tools to existing infrastructure without downtime or re-architecting.

Network Critical’s modular solutions come in various form factors with an unrivalled choice of media configurations and port counts.

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